Jan 182015

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Overview: GUST Sound Team is a term to decribe the musicians who work on music for GUST games: Atelier, Ar tonelico series, and the following Surge Concerto. They are known for their unique atmospheric soundtracks, which consist of infinite number of genres: folk, rock, electronic music, soprano-choir songs, jazz, and many many more. The main members of the team are Akira Tsuchiya (leader, the creator of Hymmnos language), Ken Nakagawa, and Daisuke Achiwa. The main vocalists for the soundtracks are: Haruka Shimotsuki, Akiko Shikata, and Noriko Mitose. This discography consists of Original Soundtracks for every game, vocal albums, main song singles, official arrange albums, and bonus audio CDs. Continue reading »