Sep 132014

Hello, dear readers. As you have already noticed, I updated blog design.

The update doesn’t concern any functionality, just a layout with pic and width of the page. I hope it looks better than old greeny one. Tell me your suggestions if you have some.

Next, I’m planning to release event batches soon (C84, C85, M3-32 etc) and of course something from the list. Amateras Records, 狐の工作室, DDBY, GUST Sound Team have big chances, maybe White Album collection too. I wanna update old torrent with Haruka Shimotsuki and Diverse System as well. And sorry to everyone who voted for Kajiura’s batch, I’m not ready to do it yet, but I’m steadily collecting audio files.

Apr 222012

Recently, I started thinking how to improve tagging quality. To do this, I need to stop using “audio-image” system and start to split flacs. Instead, we will get a possibility to attach advanced tags like <ARRANGER>, <LYRICS>, <COMPOSER>, <REMIXED BY>, <EVENT>, <ORIGINALTITLE>, <LABELID>, <VOCAL>, <CHOIR>  and maybe something else (<MASTERING>, <SUPPORT>, <GUITAR> etc). Continue reading »

Mar 032012

Hello, dear readers.
It’s already March and, for starters, I want to apologize for J-CORE 5.0. It has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. I hope I will be able to release it until the new M3 (because there will be a stack of new j-core albums and I will hesitate again). You can try Haruka Shimotsuki collection or something else instead ww
I have updated plans page, you can find something you are interesting in, I guess.
What about real plans, I do plan to batch AYUTRICA this month, it will not take too much time, but there’s subjective factor that restrain me from doing so right now. Same goes to Casket (I even ripped/scanned/edited all my cds), but the factor. The batches like Chata or Nana Mizuki require too many time and effort, so I can’t deal with them now (Not so much as the shimotsukin collection, though). Maybe will release something small, too.

And yeah, the rest C81 cds will come soon.

Nov 022011

We are transferred from the blogger. It’s still in testing (debugging mod on).
Reason? We got a DMCA notification. Even though I deleted all concerned stuff, there’s always a possibility to lose the whole blog. You don’t want this to happen, right? Me either.

Anyway, if you are musician and don’t want to see your music here, contact us.

As far as I can see, we’ve lost only one thing: all comments on “Requests etc” (Feedback) page.

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