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Overview:  Akiko Shikata is an avant-garde folk artist. She has a very personal music style, basically a mix of ethnic folk and neoclassical darkwave, in which she likes to use her multi-faceted soprano voice as an instrument, among other oddities. Known for her eclecticism that can be confusing at times, she has covered many styles that go from experimental rock to jazz, symphonic metal, ambient, progressive pop, industrial and classical music, as well as many subgenres of folk, just to name a few. However, most of her songs have in common an ethnic vibe, a non-linear, progressive structure with stylistic, tone and rhythm changes, quirky dissociated choirs and/or layered vocals at some point or another, simultaneous use of low and high vocals, and a lot of them could be labeled as neoclassical ©last.fm. She’s well-known for her Hymmnos chorus songs that made wide appearance on GUST games (Ar Tonelico, Ciel nosurge) together with Shimotsuki Haruka. She’s also owning doujin circle called VAGRANCY that has a long history starting from 2001. Akiko Shikata releases her orgel music on the circle, but not only.
Akiko Shikata’s Official site, VAGRANCY official site.

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