Mar 272014

Current version: 3.0

Upgradable: No.
Overview: Four-member Japanese band, formed in 1996. The band’s unique style is formed from many genres such as gothic, symphonic metal, rock, techno, trance and other elements from electronic music, this crazy mixture creates amazing atmosphere that can blow your mind. The band started gaining its popularity in 2005-06 after releasing anime and games songs, as well as composing BGM. Main members are: Yui, band’s leader, vocalist and lyricist & Takaha Tachibana, composer and arranger.
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Aug 232013

Current version: 3.0.

Upgradable: no.

Overview: Rokugen Alice is a well-known gothic circle runned by 六弦A助 (music, lyrics) and 櫻井アンナ (vocal, lyrics). Why people like it? Anna’s vocal is something else, it fits to gothic metal/rock melodies and chorus really great. The circle mainly focuses on original music, but in its history you can find two toho albums and several separate tracks, primarily released on C-CLAYS and SYNC.ART’S circles.

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