Dec 192015

Current version: 2.0.
Upgradable: yes.
Overview: Graceful, beautiful, subtle, delicate, charming — you cannot describe her music even with those words, you just need to listen to it. Cécile Corbel is a harpist, as well as a singer, born in France. Besides leading celtic harp, you can find a lot of folk and classic instruments in her music: bagpipes, bodhran, bombard, bouzouki, various guitars and drums, flutes and whistles, cello, violin, piano etc. She sings in many languages including french, english, breton, irish and japanese. Her group arranges traditional songs and composes original, too. Turning point in her career was a proposal from Ghibli Studio to compose soundtrack for Karigurashi no Arrietty movie. After the successful “debut” in Japan, many people around the world fell in love with her music and voice.

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May 232015


Current version: 1.0.
Upgradable: -.

Overview: Foxtail-Grass Studio is a doujin circle that focuses on instrumental/orchestral/folk/bossa nova arranges for touhou. The sound is refreshing and relaxing, but it can also get some rich and deep notes. ハム (ham) is the single member of the circle, doing most of the job. The discography also includes joint projects with Forest306 & みかん箱 (FMFT series) and みかん箱 (MBFG series). You should check it if you like 狐の工作室 and DDBY.
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Feb 152015

Current version: 3.0.
Upgradable: no.

Overview: “For me, writing songs is a way of expression that is very close to my true, unadorned self.”
A soprano, composer and singer-songwriter whose style is mostly inspired by neoclassical, new age and folk music. © Haruka Shimotsuki possesses an incredibly clear, high, and beautiful voice that fits traditional instruments like a charm. She has sung hundreds of songs since 2000, either doujin or commercial, and is well-known for GUST-series (Atelier and Ar Tonelico), anime, and eroge songs. The most game- and anime-related songs (not including GUST) are positioned as a pop, though. She is a member of several projects: MW with Rekka Katakiri (片霧烈火) and kukui with myu. One of the most attractive parts of her career is a doujin collaboration with MANYO and Nao Hiyama (日山尚). They have been managing many circles: starting with Maple leaf, then arcane+しちごさん。(753), Canoue and tieLeaf, which are still active at the moment. Besides that, she has also been participating in the famous projects like Sound Horizon, Barbarian on the Groove, Voltage of Imagination, WAVE, and more to count.
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Jan 182015

Current version: 1.0.
Upgradable: -.

Overview: GUST Sound Team is a term to decribe the musicians who work on music for GUST games: Atelier, Ar tonelico series, and the following Surge Concerto. They are known for their unique atmospheric soundtracks, which consist of infinite number of genres: folk, rock, electronic music, soprano-choir songs, jazz, and many many more. The main members of the team are Akira Tsuchiya (leader, the creator of Hymmnos language), Ken Nakagawa, and Daisuke Achiwa. The main vocalists for the soundtracks are: Haruka Shimotsuki, Akiko Shikata, and Noriko Mitose. This discography consists of Original Soundtracks for every game, vocal albums, main song singles, official arrange albums, and bonus audio CDs. Continue reading »

Jul 132014

Current version: 1.0

Upgradable: —
Overview:  Akiko Shikata is an avant-garde folk artist. She has a very personal music style, basically a mix of ethnic folk and neoclassical darkwave, in which she likes to use her multi-faceted soprano voice as an instrument, among other oddities. Known for her eclecticism that can be confusing at times, she has covered many styles that go from experimental rock to jazz, symphonic metal, ambient, progressive pop, industrial and classical music, as well as many subgenres of folk, just to name a few. However, most of her songs have in common an ethnic vibe, a non-linear, progressive structure with stylistic, tone and rhythm changes, quirky dissociated choirs and/or layered vocals at some point or another, simultaneous use of low and high vocals, and a lot of them could be labeled as neoclassical © She’s well-known for her Hymmnos chorus songs that made wide appearance on GUST games (Ar Tonelico, Ciel nosurge) together with Shimotsuki Haruka. She’s also owning doujin circle called VAGRANCY that has a long history starting from 2001. Akiko Shikata releases her orgel music on the circle, but not only.
Akiko Shikata’s Official site, VAGRANCY official site.

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Mar 302014

Current version: 2.0

Upgradable: No.
Overview: Sound Horizon is a Japanese musical group with composer Revo as the leader. They call themselves the “fantasy band”, their works resemble opera but it’s focused mostly on music. All Sound Horizon albums have a story with many narrators (including famous seiyuus) and vocalists (eg Haruka Shimotsuki), you can even say that they created its own SanHora’s music world. The music varies very much from european folk to progressive rock and metal. It is lively, dramatic, catchy and artistic. In 2012, Revo began a new project called Linked Horizon, where he focuses more on music, and performed the famous Shingeki no Kyojin openings.
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Nov 272012

Version: 1.0
Overview: Folk circle leading by Yohsuke. Even from the first album title, you can say that it’s BGM-like folk music. Very lively and energetic. Sometimes with beatiful female vocal or chorus. The discography also includes a single arrange album (ごっちゃにゃ。①), you can find there RPG game arranges and one touhou track. Continue reading »