Aug 232013

Current version: 3.0.

Upgradable: no.

Overview: Rokugen Alice is a well-known gothic circle runned by 六弦A助 (music, lyrics) and 櫻井アンナ (vocal, lyrics). Why people like it? Anna’s vocal is something else, it fits to gothic metal/rock melodies and chorus really great. The circle mainly focuses on original music, but in its history you can find two toho albums and several separate tracks, primarily released on C-CLAYS and SYNC.ART’S circles.

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Mar 022013


Version: 1.0
Overview: fripSide is an electronic music band by producer and musician Satoshi Yaginuma. Yoshino Nanjo is the main vocalist right now, nao was the one before 2009. The band itself is very popular, primarily because of all the anime and game songs. Even though nao graduated from the fripSide, she continued her activity as an independent singer and owner of  DystopiaGround doujin circle. Continue reading »