Feb 222011

Small spectrogram test, random track and random place.
Hiroyuki ODA — Light Velocity (Makotrax remix)
aotuv beta 6
lame 3.98.4
320.mp3 17.5 mb
lossless.wav 77.4 mb
q5.ogg 9.41 mb
v0.mp3 12.9 mb

Dec 172010

The new year is coming to us and the new comiket as well. There will be some tasty j-core releases that I will include in my J-CORE 4.0 compilation.

10 months passed from the last 3.0 updating… I discovered some good music sources, collected and continue collecting great stuff for your pleasure. The release date is the same: late january — late february (2011, of course).
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