Oct 242011

Thanks to one Audio-4U “sponsor”, I’ve got a first package with CDs (mainly C80)

(C79) Black Onyx — SOPHISTICATED (東方)
(C80) Black Onyx — DEVOURERS (東方)
(C80) C9 — Desire (東方) [C9CD-0005]
(C80) KINZOK ON — GENSOU HARDSOUND #006 (東方) [kzon-009]
(C80) Psycho Filth Records — THE PSYCHO FILTH vol.4 -Fierce Fuss- [PFCD-003]
(C80) SOLIDBOX RECORDS (DJ Myosuke) — Unprepareness [SBSA001]
(例大祭8) Frozen System Records — BLACK IMPULSE [FSRD-010]
(例大祭SP2) D.S.K Recordz — The H.R.D. Redemption – Killer Night Girls – [DRCD-001]

Sep 182011

More than one year and half has passed since I released Rokugen Alice 1.0, therefore I decided to update it.
I wanted to update Yousei Teikoku as well but for some reason there’s no lossless for the new singles. Continue reading »

Jul 252011

I have too much plans and lacking decision, feel free to vote in poll. It can be found in the right part of the blog.
Term—until a mid of August.