May 042012

Sorry to all j-core fans, but I have no time to complete re-do 5.0 batch. Maybe I will do it in summer, maybe after summer comiket releases (september).

I’m not sure about small batches, have no plans in may due to exams and other stuff. But you can still check the “plans” page and slap me, if you want something. M3 package will be here in 2—4 weeks.

Apr 222012

Recently, I started thinking how to improve tagging quality. To do this, I need to stop using “audio-image” system and start to split flacs. Instead, we will get a possibility to attach advanced tags like <ARRANGER>, <LYRICS>, <COMPOSER>, <REMIXED BY>, <EVENT>, <ORIGINALTITLE>, <LABELID>, <VOCAL>, <CHOIR>  and maybe something else (<MASTERING>, <SUPPORT>, <GUITAR> etc). Continue reading »