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  1. Hi, I’m looking for “Loop Box- 1tc” by 13.c.Gilbert.
    And I know that you shared the album before. But, the links in jpddl are dead. So, can you reupload it again? Lossy or lossless, I don’t really care about the audio format. Also, I prefer DDL link, no torrent.


  2. Hello! Can you reseed please VAGUE IN WINTER 3 by CODE ZTS LABEL? My seedbox has already seen over 20 peers and all of us have 99.8% of torrent. Missing parts comes also from audio file, not only text stuff.

  3. Hello, it’s me again.
    Can you reupload (C79) OrangeCoffee – clockwork to mediafire/mega, please?
    The links in jpddl are dead, I really want to listen to that album.
    Preferably in lossy format, please

    Thank you for your help~

  4. Greetings, I noticed that you have Nine Music Drink 2 and Nine Music Drink 3 by Nine Connect but the torrent links seem to be dead. Could you reupload them in a lossy format? Preferably v0. Thank you! Also I apologize if I typed out two requests, I wasn’t sure if the first comment went through.

  5. Can someone seed “[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) fractaleline — Prism Overture (東方) [FRCT-0012] (flac+scans)”? I’m stuck at 89.8%. Please and thank you!

  6. No requests, suggestions or questions this time, just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! All the best for 2014 man

  7. Hello, i have a request, could you upload KLAMNOP – Healing Schranz EP in lossy format and with DDL link? I really want this album l, but all mediafire links i found are dead.

    Thank you~

  8. Ha, thanks!!!

  9. Hi, I don’t really like to ask for stuff since you guys do so much awesome release. Can you seed/reupload Exit Trance Present Speed Best 7? This was the torrent:

    Thanks you so much.

  10. Hey, I was wondering about the lossless Touhou music you upload and the TMLC. Where do you get your lossless rips? I don’t mind either but I wonder if you have a more reliable source than them since there are no logs in both.

  11. Hey, I’m sorry if I’m asking you too much, but I’m looking for Spelltech5 by Aramitama.
    I found this album in, in TTA format, unfortunately I cannot download it.
    If you have this album, would you upload it to MF/MEGA in lossy format?

    Thanks for your help~

    • wow, it really was uploaded only in one place as far as I can see (in lossess at least). I will contact the uploader and see what I can do, because I need it in my collection too

  12. If no one can seed “Prism Overture,” can anyone upload it? Please and thank you!

  13. You guys are awesome!

  14. Do you know anyone who may have ripped music from 砲雷撃戦!よーい!6? It’s a Kantai Collection exclusive event. and i’m looking for the Tokyo Active Neets albums released there 艦JAZZ, but am having no luck finding a rip of it. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be great. Thanks!

  15. Hello! First thank you for the Syrufit and Shibayan batch, those are some of my favs circles! Next, I would like to know if you were considering doing one for SoundOnline ?

  16. is there a chance you (or someone else) could seed Mohican Sandbag’s C81 work (戯); they were my fave 2hu circle, so im pretty sad about not having that. tia

  17. thanks for you previous releases,would you like to do a collection of Lilium Records?

    • it’s free label, so there’s no need. And I put all their CD releases I have into J-core compilation (since it’s hardcore)

  18. Hey, do you have album The Future Of Japanese Digital Hardcore!!!!! by AKIRADEATH? I don’t really mind the format of the audio, and also, I preferably to download it in DDL link.

    Thanks :)

  19. I’m sorry for asking again, but do you also have Destructive Creation by AKIRADEATH? The links in jpddl are dead, I cannot download it……..

  20. hi im looking for primary yuiko discography but your torrent file has no seeders.
    so.. can you give a DDL(flac ver)?

  21. Was curious if you might ever consider attempting a “laughing out loud” collection in the future.
    They’ve composed a ton of trance~rock music, but out of the dozens of albums and works they’ve done, I’ve found maybe 8 or 9 of them. The fact that their label “lol” is an extremely common phrase doesn’t help the search process either.

    • I like some of his recent works (compilations with many good artists), but not of his solo albums. Well, his tracks sound too identical, honestly speaking


    HARDCORE TANO*C – Bright Colors 2 [TCPLUS-0013] (M3-33)
    PW :Sofog

  23. Do you have Tribullets music here?
    I Find a lot of places are not found.

    Find is Tribullets – OVERBLAST !! [TRBL-0004] (C74)

  25. Hello, I have a request

    Do you have (LCCD-0003) 東方酒乱集 and (LCCD-0004) 妖精酒乱大戦 in your music collection?
    Any format is okay.

    Thank you~

  26. hi iam looking for the 3 albums, maybe u got one (in flac would be super awesome)

    Spread Limit. 3rdBET and Pot Limit. 4thBET
    from nao

    and The Gate of Dreams
    from jAcKp☆TrASH

    thanks in advance and thank u very much for ur hard work!

    • I don’t have them at the moment, but nao’s albums are probably all around the internet. I will include them in my nao + fripSide batch… in the far future

      • thanks for ur fast reply
        iam looking forward for ur next(updated) batch release
        i hope it will include away;c from fool’s sonic with nao as well
        greets ♪(o´▽`o)ノ

  27. RandomWeeaboo, would you mind making a Ceui music collection? She specializes in gentle/happy songs usually.

  28. Have you ever thought about making reviews of albums/circles/events? With your vast collection and musical taste I would be delighted to see your opinion about such topics.

    I know you probably are pretty busy with real life responsabilities, doing batches, etc. so the most probable answer would be no, but… you know, a man can dream. :P

    Anyways, thank you as always for all your hard work!

    • I had this idea… and maybe will do one day. Lack of time is the main reason, yep.

  29. Can you seed a file called ‘LAD-Drei [LAD01]’?
    I’m very appreciate your sharing. thanks.

  30. I’m looking for (M3-32) Shin Sheena — 一雫-深縹 [LQCD-0004] (flac+scans). The torrent is dead, can you upload? I already got the ogg version but I’d prefer something in higher quality, preferably lossless. Thank you!!

  31. Will you make J-core 7.0 pack at some point? Just wondering as I have some CDs and if you don’t have them I would like to help

    • send me your contact somewhere, I will send you a preview list of J-CORE 7.0.
      It will be released during August, I believe

  32. Any plans on doing Yanagi Nagi/Annabel batch (lossless)?
    I once started to collect what I could find on chinese and not so chinese sharing sites (except ASTOST which is pain in the ass) and ended up with a decent amount of releases but this shit needs to be sorted out for good.
    Plus I gave up on it at some point so…
    If you don’t have any plans on batches (and even if you do) I’m gonna ask in advance for Annabel’s ‘Caracol’ album in lossless if you happen to have it.

  33. To the man who asked about Barbarian on the groove album on old host:
    no, I didn’t see a single rip yet. I hope someone will do until 3.0 batch.

    • I was that man, lol (I thought for a moment there that I broke a rule or something…).

      Anyway, thank you for the quick reply!

  34. hey, first I want to thank you for all the recent releases, i’ve enjoyed them all!

    Also, I was curious: do you like circles like RD-Sounds or Sally? and if so, would you do a batch of them in the future?

    and oh well, since I’m at it: what’s your top 3 of doujin music circles?

    • Sorry, but I don’t like both of them. There are really not many rock circles I like — Primary and FELT, to name a few.
      And I didn’t even think about circles top… maybe Diverse System, ShibayanRecords and Unitone, but I’m not sure

  35. Hi RandomWeeaboo

    FYI your paypal donate button is broken 404

    “Error Detected
    Error Message

    Some required information is missing or incomplete. Please correct your entries and try again.
    Some required information is missing or incomplete. Please correct your entries and try again.

  36. Hi
    anyone out there in the world seen a lossless copy of this floating around
    Blood, Sweat & Makina 2

    thanks :)

  37. Can someone upload the album from C86 “Forget A Scenery” by Junk in lossless audio? I’ve been trying to find it in FLAC or WAV but I’ve only been able to find it in lossy formats.

  38. Yo, just chiming in to say thanks! Fox Factory, Aki no Sora, LiLA’c, DDBY, everything I’ve checked out so far is pretty great (although there’s a few albums LiLA’c put out that I’m less fond of than others). Everything is neatly organized and tagged, appreciate that aspect very much.

    I’ve just got a couple of questions if you don’t mind answering.
    1) For the albums you find in alternative lossless formats (.ape, .tak, .tta, etc) what are you using to split and convert to .flac? I’m gonna guess something like foobar2000, that’s one of the more commonly used ones.

    2) Do you handle specific album requests as well? If so can I tuck this one under your rug?
    Sound Sepher – [C79] Megalomachia2
    sample track:
    vgmdb page:

    Anyhow, thanks again dude and keep it up!

  39. Yo Dr. Weeaboo.
    You still taking requests for donations?

  40. HI there!

    I just found your website. Very impressed by the music you uploaded. I actually was following an album you shared a month ago: NEKO WORKs (NAO & 霜月はるか) — タイヨウパラダイス – ねこまんま日和 (flac). Is there any chance for you to re-seed or upload it somewhere else? Because I only got 1 seeder now 0.1~0.3kb/sec.

    Thank you for sharing the music!!! :D

  41. Thank you so much!!!!

    15 mins ago I just only finished 0.3% and I decided to read some news. One min later I saw a notification said “the download is finished”. I could’t believe it at first. Thought it might be some errors. I was so despaired. But I gave it a try. Opened it. And it’s playing perfectly!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  42. Hi there! I’m new to this doujin music scene and found myself very impressed with it.

    Now, I’m torrenting some of your batch music, and 秋の空 — Aki no Sora 2.0 stuck at 82%.
    Can you help me reseed it? I’m curious and very interested just by hearing your explanation.

    Thanks for effort :D

  43. Hello, i have a request. can u make a batch of all JUJU song,it’s really hard to find lossless ver.
    thnx u

    • I didn’t know her before your comment. Let’s see, I kinda like the last single (judging from the preview).
      But you better not expect in the near future

  44. Sorry for bothering you, Random-san. But can you reseed casket batch, please?

    • Sorry, but I can’t, because I already made 2.0 batch and am waiting for a right moment to release it

    i found this site,it has a lot a high quality SACD.but it’s chinese laguange, i hope it’s useful information.

  46. Would it be possible to have the music in your torrents tagged with music genres and embedded album art? It would definitely save me time embedding album art or figuring out the music genre.

    • Music genre tag is useless. Like, REALLY useless. People never fill it out correct due to the lacking of knowledge, but mostly because the genre varies from track to track. Especially when we talk about doujin scene. Or do you want to have 1000 albums with “Electronic” tag?
      What about album covers, I probably would never embed them. Why would I do this even when my phone and mp3-player can pick the “cover.jpg”? There are many advantages to have it not embedded, unless you don’t care about quality of the cover artwork and whatever.

  47. Requesting reseed for Sota Fujimori 1.0, it’s currently stuck at 84.7%.

  48. 你好,我在網路上找了很久都找不到日向美ビタースイーツ♪ – Bitter Sweet Girls!這張專輯的FLAC或者WAV,不知道您有沒有,希望您能幫助下我。
    Thank you!!

    Hello, I am looking for a long time to find,日向美ビタースイーツ♪ – Bitter Sweet Girls! The album’s FLAC or WAV, I don’t know you have or not, I hope you can help me.
    Thank you!!

  49. Hello I’m looking for nayuta’s new album 想い出を綴る歌と君と at the M3-2015!
    And do you plan to upload any album at this M3?
    I’m sorry it’s kinda rushed but she’s my favorite utaite so please understand.
    Thank you and sorry for bothering you!

  50. Would I be able to request a tomaonsen batch? There’s very little out there that I can find by them, even across the private trackers I use, there’s either zero seeders, or there’s no torrent for it.

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