Jan 292013

Hello, dear readers. I hope you enjoy all the batches I released in this month (I don’t believe myself, there are seven of them).

But that’s not all! Actually I prepared one big batch, but now I have to wait due to some circumstances. I don’t want to reveal its name, just wait and see. I’m planning to release it in 2 weeks.

Some of you may grumble that I forgot about LiLA’c Records batch, but I did not. It is ready, but still with one or two missing albums. I decided to wait a little and release it soon, in any case.

My C83 order isn’t even shipped out afaik, so it will take some time here, too.

And here is a poll for you:

  12 Responses to “Active start of the new year (+poll)”

  1. Galileo Galilei ?! That’s probably not the physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher.

  2. man thanks for being so awesome. I should drop by more often, instead of just silently seeding forever

    what does your C83 order entail?

  3. Wish I could vote for “non-2hu batches”…

  4. mimei is a pretty good circle, but it’s really hard to find their cd.
    thank you for your long time’s sharing

  5. I don’t see “seed me a new hard disk drive” on the options :D

    Pardon me by sounding like a ignorant, but what the hell is “2hu”?

  6. Whatever you choose to post, thank you for it and all your wonderful contributions past and future :)

  7. I was the only one voting for Alieson U_U

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