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Current version: 5.0
Upgradable: Yes, from 2.0 upwards.

Overview: One of the most known circles established by Masayoshi Minoshima. Dance music touhou arranges (made by Masayoshi Minoshima, Nhato, Tsukasa, REDALiCE, Syrufit, t+pazolite etc) and charming female vocals by Mei Ayakura, mican*, Nachi Sakaue, nomico, 3L and many more — you can find it all here.
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Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)


new albums.

  • Content:
[2003.12.30] The regret of stars, but stars shine bright. (C65) (mp3)
[2004.08.15] against, perfect cherry blossom. (C66)
[2004.08.15] みんなの萌うた (C66) (mp3)
[2004.12.30] 東方幻樂編曲集第弐集 舞 -MAI- (C67)
[2005.05.04] 東方幻樂編曲集第参集 禅 -ZEN- (例大祭2)
[2005.08.14] genealogy|shrinemaiden (C68)
[2005.08.14] trace|phantasmagoria (C68)
[2005.12.30] A. aurantiaca (C69)
[2005.12.30] Lily of the Incas (C69)
[2005.12.30] stem of radiant (C69)
[2006.05.21] NITE VERSIONS (例大祭3)
[2006.08.13] BLUE NOTE (C70)
[2006.08.13] LAST MOMENT TO REMEMBER (C70)
[2006.08.13] STRINGS OF LIFE (C70)
[2006.12.31] The Garnet Star (C71)
[2006.12.31] りにあのうた2 (C71)
[2007.05.20] Lovelight (例大祭4)
[2007.05.20] The Last Judgement (例大祭4)
[2007.08.17] Circuit Breakers (C72)
[2007.08.17] Dolls (C72)
[2007.12.31] DANCEFLOOR COMBAT (C73)
[2007.12.31] Fly High (C73)
[2007.12.31] Harmony (C73)
[2008.05.25] Exserens – A selection of Alstroemeria Records (例大祭5)
[2008.08.16] For Your Pieces (C74)
[2008.08.23] Our Little Miracles (VOC@LOiD M@STER 3)
[2008.11.02] Signature – Selection of very superior old pale. (東方紅楼夢4)
[2008.12.29] Trois Noir (C75)
[2009.03.08] Aspherical Surface e.p. (例大祭6)
[2009.08.15] Fragment Reactions (C76)
[2009.10.11] The Brilliant Flowers (東方紅楼夢5)
[2009.12.30] Plastik World (C77)
[2010.03.14] Double Counterpoint (例大祭7)
[2010.08.14] of memories (C78)
[2010.12.30] Third Ensemble: Noir (C79)
[2011.03.13] EXSERENSES (例大祭8)
[2011.08.13] HAUNTED DANCEHALL (C80)
[2011.10.16] 紅楼夢7 会場限定CD (東方紅楼夢7)
[2011.12.30] KILLED DANCEHALL (C81)
[2012.05.27] ABANDONED DANCEHALL (例大祭9)
[2012.08.11] THE WORLD DESTINATION (C82)
[2012.12.30] DOMINATED DANCEHALL (C83)
[2013.05.26] DEGENERATE DANCEHALL (例大祭10)
[2013.08.12] POP | CULTURE (C84)
[2013.08.12] REBIRTH DANCEHALL (C84)
[2013.12.30] DECADE OF EXPOSE (C85)
[2014.05.11] CLOUD 9 (例大祭11)
[2014.05.11] THIS ISN/T BEST (例大祭11)
[2014.08.16] FLASHLIGHT (C86)
[2014.12.29] POP | CULTURE 2 (C87)
[2015.05.10] POP | CULTURE 3 (例大祭12)
[2015.08.14] POP | CULTURE 4 (C88)
[2015.12.30] CLOSE TOGETHER (C89)
[2015.12.30] POP | CULTURE 5 (C89)
[2016.05.08] ULTRA DANCEHALL (例大祭13)
[2016.08.13] ENGAGED DANCEHALL (C90)
[2016.10.16] SEED (秋季例大祭3)
[2016.12.29] IGNITION DANCEHALL (C91)
[2016.12.29] LOUD SPEAKER (C91)
[2016.12.29] Sol Et Luna (C91)
Alstroemeria Records — Time Flows.flac
Mei Ayakura — Struggle.flac

  35 Responses to “Alstroemeria Records”

  1. One of my favorite circles. A lot of great stuff here.

  2. Awesome! Been looking to get a few of these albums in FLAC for a really long time. Thanks!

  3. Thanks a lot! On a side note, may I ask why is ABANDONED DANCEHALL from 例大祭9 missing? :o

  4. This is insane!!!!! Just too awesome!!!! thanks for the organized work you have done!!!

  5. Ahhhhh, why .OGG!?!

    Lol don’t take that as a complaint, I’m just curious. Also, thanks a lot for the good work.

    • because it’s one of the most efficient lossy formats?

      • I understand there is a general fuck apple concensus, but is the few Kbps really worth excluding all the iTunes/iPhone users of the world?

        • So what? Should I encode in aac? This shit is source-closed and doesn’t have so bigger hardware support.
          Also not my problem if people buy itunes instead of cowon.
          As well as not my problem if people don’t use foobar2000 on Windows.

          • Once again, don’t take this as a complaint because it’s not. But I assume you’re doing this to share music with others right?

            In that case, wouldn’t it make sense to use the most widely supported format, which lets be honest, is mp3?

            I mean, every device that plays .ogg also plays mp3, but not every device that plays mp3 will play .ogg.

            It’s not your problem that a large group of people use iTunes. But it seems counter-intuitive to what you’re doing to exclude the most popular audio player and device in the world currently. Especially since I’m assuming you could’ve encoded in mp3 at no extra costs.

            Ultimately, just some food for thought, it’s not difficult to convert .ogg to .mp3 on the user’s end and thanks again for the good work.

            • Of course you have a point, but if we will continue using mp3, its era will never end. We should support advanced formats and use them in the most cases.

  6. wow, you just practically save my life

  7. Quote: “if people don’t use foobar2000 on Windows”.
    Personally I don’t rly like using foobar, especially when I have all-video-&-audio-formats-playing PotPlayer with XMP4 skin ;p. Though it doesn’t play FPL files, and is bugged with playing CUE files of splitted tracks (e.g. doesn’t play first track).
    Sorry for digging the quote up!

  8. !!!!! Lossless!? – Alstroemeria collection!? OMG! This is a dream – SHOCK@ALL, MAJOR THANK U!!!
    Other Note: To the other commentators (with HiFi setup)- To play higher standard audio-file go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/sacddecoder/ and Download the DSD decoder and past the .dll file into your Foober components folder. Once that’s done, launch Foober, go to Library/Configure/Tools. Here, you should see a new folder – SACD. Twick and Enjoy

  9. when will degenerate dancehall, pop culture, rebirth dancehall, and decade of expose will be added?

  10. thanks i love tracks

  11. Hell yeah, an update. Thank you kind sir for your work!

  12. I’d like to know if there is anything about POP | CULTURE 3 from reitaisai 12? I didn’t find its lossless track.
    (BTW, a full ALR collection is really great and thanks for your effort!)

    • I already have a lossless rip, but it didn’t get either scans or log… and I don’t like releasing something like this. Probably it will take some time before a proper rip will appear.

  13. Спасибо!

  14. Well, it seems it is time to update, thank you!.

  15. how do u upgrade, may i ask?

    • If you have previous batch release (eg [Audio-4U] Alstroemeria records 3.0 (flac)) you should just save new torrent to the folder.
      Rehash process will start and you should be able to skip downloading old files.

  16. aw yes, thanks for the update!

  17. So cool! Thanks for keeping updating!

  18. Really happy to see you back :D

  19. Hi. I am always thankful for your sharing.
    I’m sorry to ask you
    When will I get a new update?
    for your convenience i attach a list need to be up to date
    ARCD0064 POP | CULTURE 8 Reitaisai 15 May 06, 2018
    ARCD0063 POP|CULTURE 7 C93 Dec 29, 2017
    ARCD0062 CLOCK LOCK THINK C93 Dec 29, 2017
    ARCD0061 monaxia C93 Dec 29, 2017
    ARCD0060 Bad Apple!! 10th Anniversary PHASE2 C93 Dec 29, 2017
    AREP0004 SIXFOLD Fall Reitaisai 4 Oct 15, 2017
    ARCD0059 POP|CULTURE 6 C92 Aug 11, 2017
    ARCD0058 Nachtansicht C92 Aug 11, 2017
    ARCD0057 STRUCTURED DANCEHALL Reitaisai 14 May 07, 2017
    ARCD0056 10th Anniversary Bad Apple!! Reitaisai 14 May 07, 2017
    ARCD0055 lumière ambrée: Reitaisai 14 May 07, 2017

  20. I am looking forward to the update!!!!!!:D

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