Nov 272012

Version: 1.0
Overview: Folk circle leading by Yohsuke. Even from the first album title, you can say that it’s BGM-like folk music. Very lively and energetic. Sometimes with beatiful female vocal or chorus. The discography also includes a single arrange album (ごっちゃにゃ。①), you can find there RPG game arranges and one touhou track.
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[2009.11.15] 古街音楽 (コミティア90)

[2010.05.05] 異郷音楽 (M3-25)

[2010.12.31] ごっちゃにゃ。① (C79)

[2011.10.30] 旅鳥音楽 (M3-28)

[2012.04.30] 幻祭音楽 (M3-29)

[2012.10.28] 古街音楽II (M3-30)


  3 Responses to “星猫音楽 — Hoshineko Sounds”

  1. Awww, thank you, looks nice. I love listening to stuff like that while reading fantasy novels.

  2. Seems interesting, downloading!
    Thanks a lot.

  3. thanks!
    they’re really comfortable music!

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