May 312015

Event batches include all Audio-4U doujin releases, excluding those that had already been released in the respected discographies. Please download event-related music from the batches below and don’t ask me to seed old separate torrents. I will update these batches once in a while (had not done yet). Please also keep in mind that I release event batches after half an year passes. Or more likely the whole year. Or more.

  • Comiket:







  39 Responses to “Event batches”

  1. Would be nice to do the same with lossy versions, but whatever. I have to buy hdd for music anyway, so I don’t care anymore. Thank you for doing these batches!

    • you can be sure I will not do this for vorbis

    • You can always re-encode to whatever audio format you want.
      Download, and then make your favorite audio format. is that so difficult?

  2. 例大祭7 and 例大祭8 link to the same torrent. C78 and C79 do as well.

  3. That’s really cool, thanks.
    But why they’re not in one folder ???

    • what?

      • Let me explain with an example: reiteisei9 torrents’ albums aren’t in one folder named “reiteisei9”.
        I downloaded several torrents and now it’s a mess.

        • What do you want me too do? Still too vague for me to got your point. The presented torrents are batches and they are in one folder.

  4. Neat idea! Nice to complement the bunch of stuff still stuck at my PD download queue. Great job, as usual.

    BTW: For those folks that are still new to the weird and wonderful world of doujin music (like me!), where could I find more information about those events? Comiket is dead easy, but I don’t know what the hell is “Kouroumu”, and M3 info in English is real scarce.

    • I don’t think you need to know anything besides that M3 (music media market) is a semi-annual event basically for original (non touhou) music and kouroumu with reitaisai are the biggest annual touhou only events.

  5. 例大祭9 torrent has too long folders name. Got “System cannot find the specified path.”

    • if it would have, I wouldn’t be able to upload it

    • computer lazy people.
      If you have that problem, you just need change the path to where the “download folder” is. I recomend to changed for your hard drive root. (ex: c:/).
      Since windows XP, (if anyone uses mac, I don know if this is the same issue) the OS freaks out with files with long name; the reason is because the Windows Operative Systems freak out when youa folder inside a folder which is inside inanother folder and that the same one is inside..guess what….Anotehr folder.
      It happens since OS Windows XP, and still continues with the same stupid issue, with new OS from windows.
      Call me Old Guy, but I still say Windows 98 was the best windows OS ever made. (followed by Windos NT and 2000).
      I never had the some much issues with file names and folders in my cute dear sexy win98. I alwasy feel like I need to get the chainsaw to threat winXP to work correctly.

      • sorry. my keyboard got stuck in some letters.

        “you have a folder inside a folder, which is inside in another folder and that same one is inside..guess what….Another folder.”

  6. why [Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [Cis-Trance] ABNORMAL DANCE [CTCD-0014] (flac+cue) have cover scans from Cis trance 13 ??? is chance fix this mistake ???

    • Oh, you’re right. Let’s see what can I do here. But I will not reupload the batch, though.

  7. [Audio-4U] (C78) C.H.S – Honey I Scream! (東方) [CHS-0008] (flac+cue+jpg) seems to suffer from skipping between “Unlimited Spark! (Rremake)” and “Honey I Scream! (REDALiCE Remix)”. The former ends very abruptly, in the middle of the song. Oh and the title in the .cue is typoed, as you can see :p

    • Probably it is a problem of the rip itself. But let me check first.

      • Alright. If I don’t hear anything back regarding this I’ll just assume it was the rip itself ;]

  8. Please seed. Several of the torrents are already dead after just one month. I seed all my non-western torrents for as long as I can (Until my HDD crashes), please help keep them alive for others (I know I’ll do my part).

    • I had been seeding them until, ugh, yesterday? Almost in 24/7 mode. That’s very strange that some of them are already dead. Anyway, I’m planning to seed it in the near future on a whim.

  9. Please seed M3-29. Thanks.


    Can you reseed that, because c77 batch didn’t have it, but it says AUDIO-4U

    While I’m at it, do you happen to have any of REG; cd singles (EP’s) Been looking for them with no avail and they are not on sale anymore.

    • It’s on j-core compilation. NP records (Reg;)

      • I must have been tired. It’s there and I have listened it million times, somehow I saw that it was some of the singles or EPs which aren’t there. Sorry for bothering you.


  11. “Event batches” page has been updated. Now it includes all albums information. You can search the blog and get on the page instead of the event page with separate torrents (finally!)

  12. thank you so much for your work

  13. Seems the lossless torrent is seedless?

  14. M3-27, M3-28, M3-31 are dead.

    • Seeding them right now. I also seed them from time to time anyway so they won’t die anytime soon.

  15. Sorry but M3-33 Batch its incomplete, [753xABSOLUTE CASTAWAY — Another Flower] its not there

    Could you do something please :'(

  16. Hey, I’m trying to download “(C76) [livetune loves ココ] スノウ・ダンス” which used to be on this site. I got the torrent from (

    I got it 97% downloaded but nobody seeded it for over a month now. Can someone please seed at least for a little while so I can finish those 3%? Then I can keep the torrent seeded at least for a while longer.

    Huge thanks in advance!

  17. Please seed M-30, having trouble downloading that.

  18. dude, can you reseed the M3-32 batch. thanks in advance

  19. Do you think you could seed (C84) Chromesphere Records (syatten) — Spherepolis [CRCD-0002]?

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