Sep 192010

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  • Discography:
[2007.08.17] Girls Festa ‘07 (C72)
[2007.10.08] Ascenseur (M3-20)
[2008.05.11] BitBambi (M3-21)
[2008.05.11] FA RAMUNE GIDGET (M3-21)
[2008.08.16] Girls Festa ‘08 (C74)
[2009.05.05] デジタルビヨリ (M3-23)
[2009.10.11] Discover new world (M3-24)
[2009.10.11] Kangaroo Dog (M3-24) (mp3 192)

  4 Responses to “Aliced Twilightz”

  1. Can I get a reseed? :)

  2. reseed?

  3. reseed please

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