Aug 222012

Hello guys, hope you enjoy comiket uploads and new j-core batch too.
EastNewSound and LiLA’c Records batches are ready, but few recent albums are absent. Therefore, the release will be delayed.
The most requested batch is still Diverse System, so I will try to prepare it in the near future. Maybe after relatively small toho batches like Yuuhei Satellite.
My C82 loots will arrive in early september, so you can expect good uploads too.

  6 Responses to “August updates”

  1. So, that means I will not have Yatsuzaki Hardcore as my birthday present. XD
    Dammit. XD

    I am not criticizing you. :) I just was hopping it to be my Birthday Present. XD

  2. Hope there are some j-core releases in you loot :3 Thank you for your hard work!

  3. D:

    Thank you for your hard work!!

    The long awaited Lila’c and EastNewSound albums… TToTT

  4. Mother of god!
    There’s more!

  5. Any chance of you uploading ジェリコの法則 – Overdone Progression?

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