Aug 112012

Date: 2012.08.10~12

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  • Releases:

ササクレイション — MetroJackz
豚乙女 — ボウリング [BUTAGAME-001]

豚乙女 — 東方猫鍵盤5
SOUND HOLIC — 神 -KAMUI- (東方) [SDHC-0032]
SOUND HOLIC feat. 709sec. — Energy Breaker (東方) [SDHC-0031]
ALiCE’S EMOTiON — Crimson Tempest (東方) [AECD-034]
ZYTOKINE — gold* (東方) [CK-0024P]
SoundOnline — Mythology (東方) [IBCD-0021]
TAMUSIC — 東方四重奏7 (東方) [TAM3-0095]
CROW’SCLAW — アコースティック・エピソード (東方) [PAEP-0003]
ZYTOKINE — silver† (東方) [CK-0025P]
5150 — 東方合体ゲンソウオー参式 (東方) [Ryu-A009]
永遠☆少女 — 東方少女歌劇団 お披露目CD (東方) [ELG-0000]
オーライフジャパン — 壮快廟探訪(仮) 試聴版 (東方) [OLJA-0011a]
狐の工作室 — 大空扇戦 (東方) [KNTH-0010]
KLAMNOP — 新世紀フュージョン破 [KLMN-0006]
ふぉれすとぴれお — FRAN×POP (東方) [FPR0020]
ふぉれすとぴれお — Perfect Pretty Phantom (東方) [FPR0021]
Diverse System (削除) — Selentia [DVSP-0082]
curled-coil — full run [CURC-0011]
Kikuo Sound Works — きくおミク2
宴 -BANQUET- Vol.2 Juliana’s TOHO vs Scouse! TOHO (東方) [ORECD-08]
豚乙女 — 8 (東方)
C-CLAYS — 水斎 -Prism- (東方) [TOCD-0035]
発熱巫女~ず — Starlight Prelude (東方) [HTNT-014]
UNDEAD CORPORATION — 紅染の鬼が哭く (東方) [ANCO-0007]
EastNewSound — BlazeOut (東方) [ENS-0020]
FELT — Little Planet (東方) [FELT-008]
DiGiTAL WiNG — JULIANA’S TOHO Vol. 1 (東方) [DWCD-0004]
幽閉サテライト — 泡沫、哀のまほろば (東方) [YHST-0015]
Alstroemeria Records — THE WORLD DESTINATION (東方) [ARCD0038]
k-waves LAB — 妖かしのまほろば (東方) [KWL-0006]
Innocent Key — TOHO Innocent Beat!! (東方) [IK-22]
まらしぃ — 幻想遊戯 <眠> (東方) [MRCD-010]
サリー — 【アイス】 (東方) [SA-004]
my sound life — your sound vision [MSRC-054]
laughing out loud — lol compilation album “TRANCE” [LOCD-1039~1040]
curled-coil — soundy beach [CURC-0012]
SYNC.ART’S — Pieces [SACD-4010]
R-Note — 東方粋蓮響 ~Trick of Brilliance~ (東方) [RNCD-0002]
C.H.S — So Many Materials (東方) [CHS-0012]
R-Note — Comic Market 82 R-Note おまけCD (東方)
As/Hi Soundworks — ピアノのための東方小品集 Op.3 (東方) [ASHI-0009]
10th Avenue Cafe — 幻想郷茶房 ~tea for two~ (東方) [10TH-0001]
Melodic Taste — Melodic Battle (東方) [MTCD-0006]
Halozy — Cinematic Disc (東方) [HLZY-0014]
うんちく商事 — 絃蒼の空 (東方) [UCEX-0008]
Halozy — Cinematic Disc Instrumental (東方)
monoROSETTA — Lotus Land St. (東方) [MONR-0004]
electro planet — samurai DANCEHALL [EPCD-0007] MINAMOTRANCE — Operation Unrestrected -overture- [MTCD-012]
S2TB Recording (kors k) — S2TB Files2:Activate [S2TB-0003]
東京アクティブNEETs — 東方爆音ジャズ3 (東方) [ANCD-0009]
Pizuya’s Cell — CORONeT (東方) [PSYC-0006]
Diverse System — AD:TRANCE 2 [DVSP-0079~81] Obscure Music Team — DECADE
STRLabel — MIXIM vol.03 DnB [STRL-0008]
Team ZUMMER — Z:2
Sound Ave. — Driven’ De:st-ructure2 [SACD-0015]
DiGiTAL WiNG — Eternal Fantasia (東方) [DWCD-0003]
DiGiTAL WiNG — Eternal Fantasia Instrumental (東方)
Studio “Syrup Comfiture” — white clear (東方) [SSC-0014]
Foxtail-Grass Studio — なつかぜメモリア (東方) [FGST-0008]
彩音 ~xi-on~ — 東方志奏 12th Spell -Trick Shooter- (東方) [XITH-0013]
sound sepher — GothicLolita ORCHESTRION [SEPR-0015]
– Sohmatoa – — ミルエス写本 -滅びを唄う5つの音- [SMTC-0002]
Adresse + L-TYPE — SQUASH★LIFE [ARPK-3002]
arcane753. — 蝶ノ在リ処 [NAM-004]
Arte Refact — 「FLIGHT STEP」先行版CD-R
bassy — ワールド・ワイド・ボクシステム [BASH006]
Black Berry Recordings — Still Dying [BBR-03]
CODE-49 — Girl’s Doll Resurrection EP [49CDEX-0003]
Eclipseed — 琥珀のSHARION [DYVK-0013]
extracode — extra.SQUARE vol.1
GoldFish — 9*Nove — 酣歌 vol.2 [KAED-0007]
love solfege — 蓋然性進化論Ⅰ [KDR-076]
Pinokiti Records — Fruited Vagabond Vol.2 [PRCD-003]
Primary — -1 [PRMY-0017]
Queen of Wand — 明滅王女 [S806-QUEEN]
Rainy Garden (kaoling) — 七つの記憶を失くした世界
SOUNDOT RECORDS — 青春のヒトコマとさよなら [DOTR-0003]
Voltage of Imagination (mamenoi) — Tachyon [XQKT-1002 (VOI-010)]
ちぃむdmp☆ — 電波娘々
少女病 — 創傷クロスライン [GIRL-1009]
葉月ゆら×月子 — Fromage [TUHA-003]
六弦アリス — 六弦アリス 初期 Best [RGAL-0024]
葉月ゆら×Tetsushi — RAPT AQUARIUM [HATE-003]
a-TTTempo — TOHO FULL SWING 3 (東方) [AT-0008]
S. C. X — 〆Deadline
Confetto — ななみっくす! -nanamix- [CFCD-0001]
Eryps feat. 茶太 — Favour [EYPSCD-004]
HUMMING LIFE — Private Films [HMLF-0007]
おでんぱ☆スタジオ — らぶでんぱ [OPCD-1009]
ちぃむdmp☆ — 電波娘々 [DMPCD-0004]
とらのあな — 東方レイマリQUEST ~霊夢「この我のものとなりなさい、マリサよ」 魔理沙「だが断る!…だぜ!!」
dat file records — 萃 – 好きなことをあつめてみた- (東方) [datfile-001]
Pocket AD — LAST NIGHT ON 幻想郷 (東方) [POAD-0009]
WhiTECHNO — C82 無料頒布CD (東方) [WHTC-0008. 5]




D. S. K Recordz — さんしゃわっ! -Sun Shower- [DRCD-002]
Black Onyx — Elements (東方)
HARDCORE OMORO — Hardcore LiberaLism Vier [HOCD-0007]
HAPPY NOSTALGIA — Speed Sonic SuperNova [HNCD 0002]
Login Records — Sacred Beatz (東方) [LOGCD-003]
OrangeCoffee — azure (東方) [ORCF-0006]
UOM Records — Kick’s For Liberation 4 [USAO-07]
音召缶 — Gensou Raving! (東方) [OMK-19]
dat file records — 萃 – 好きなことをあつめてみた- (東方) [datfile-001]
Pocket AD — LAST NIGHT ON 幻想郷 (東方) [POAD-0009]
WhiTECHNO — C82 無料頒布CD (東方) [WHTC-0008.5]
ジェリコの法則 — Overdone Progression (東方) [JER-002]
秋の空 — 秋の空 [ASCD007]
電奏楽団 (天門) — CHRONICLE [DENG-0006]
autumn-grass — hematite (東方) [AGCD-0002]
Lost Garden — Eden’s Pattern (東方) [LGCD-0015]


by my friends:


Black Berry Recordings] Still Dying
SKETCH UP! Recordings – SKETCH UP! Remixes
Sound. AVE] Driven’ Dest-ructure 2
cubegramgs] NOT 4 on the FLOOR
荒御霊 — SpellTech7 (東方) [ARAM-0026~27]
Technomy — MONOSTREAMS [THCD-0004]
Psycho Filth Records — ブチアゲスピードコア [PFEX-005]

  73 Responses to “C82”

  1. May I request “FELT – Little Planet”, onegai?

  2. This Hardcore Syndroem 6 is nothing compared to 5. RoughSketch track is horrible.
    Hardcore SYndrome 5 is the best of all for sure. More Epic.

    • Actually I like HS2 and HS3 more…

      • They have been evolving gradually from one to another. since teh first I have been liking more the next then before.
        But HC2 and HC3 I have to admit it is good very good too. :)

        For me 5 broke me all up :D

        • Gabba meets Dubstep in HS5, that is indeed a great leap – USAO is definitely keeping his pace forward.

          • That was the ONE track that definetelly made me in love of USAO works. And when “Kicks for Liberation 3” came…. I came too. if you know what I mean. :p

    • “RoughSketch track is horrible.”
      No, no, no and no

      • Yes yes yes yes

        I have been following RoughSketch compositions, and he has been making tunes that blow my head. But this track…… sucks…

        but hey. tastes are tastes. I am not saying you have bad taste. ^^

  3. I’ve already listened:
    Hardcore Syndrome 6
    Energy Breaker
    Little Planet
    Melodic Battle

    Very nice CD, I like specially Hardcore Syndrome, and SOUND HOLIC have made a very beautiful album like always.

    Now I’m downloading the two ZYTOKINE’S CDs, CROW’SCLAW’s and ALiCE’S EMOTIONS’ ones, and waiting for UNDEAD CORPORATION’s new CD (I love them), Yume oi Hoshi and The True Utnapishtim.

  4. Last CORW’SCLAW CD is very nice =)

  5. Cubegrams and void’s soloalbum from previous event please~

  6. Rokugen Alice, Shoujo Byou and Absolute Castaway, got any????

  7. Thank you for links.
    About Undead Corp… Screaming fucking where? :D

  8. I would like to request Eastnewsound – Limited Dimension thanks

  9. I so freaking cant wait to to hear SkETCH UP! REMIXIES and KICKS FOR LIBERATION 4

  10. I would like to request Cruz Voltage (CZCD-0004)

  11. Alstroemeria Records The World Destination

    There seems to be a problem with the naming of the track numbers with 3 & 4. It does not tally with the scans of the album.

    • If i’m not mistaken, the track numbers are reversed. The title and everything else are correct.

      • I noticed that too, but the official site says so + I’m familiar with 綾倉盟 voice.

        • So by going off the website and the track order in the torrent, it seems the CD jacket was wrong.

          Or… it could be whoever prepared the CD gold master got it wrong and it’s easier to update the website so it reflects like the jacket was wrong. Surely the gold master is always the correct one, right? :D

          They could reprint the jackets in the next batch, that is assuming it’s cheaper than preparing a new gold master.

        • According to the CD, yes Ayakura Mei’s CRIMSON DEAD is the 3rd track, followed by FLICKERING.

  12. Will you upload “EastNewSound – LimitedDimension”, “Sally – アイス” and “syrufit – whiteclear”?
    You would make me more than happy.

  13. “MINAMOTRANCE — Operation Unrestrected -overture- [MTCD-012]”
    2 Minamotoya albums this year, I can almost feel I went to heaven ^^

    thank you so much =^.^=

  14. Syrufit wrong tagged…

  15. Are you going to share here the “YATSUZAKI HARDCORE VOLUME 2” (NOTEBOOK RECORDS)?
    Since it is not C82 at all, I was wondering… :/

  16. Thank you very much for all the uploads :)

    As others already did I hope it’s also ok for me to request some albums.
    Like EastNewSound’s Limited Dimension, Unlogical Trick by Amateras Records, the Visual Arts Remixes Album and the new album by Lila’c Records.
    I would be very grateful for any of the mentioned albums.

  17. and will be soon new mob squads (with missing ozigiri – dark history 3cd album) or new Maddest Chick’N Dom cds ?

  18. Hi, thank you so much for providing us with all of this high quality music!

    If you don’t mind, please upload both of the “Toho warfare black/red” albums.

  19. why last time many rips are without scans ??

  20. Where Yatsuzaki Hardcore 2 :c

  21. Could you pls post Notebook Records — YATSUZAKI HARDCORE VOLUME 2 [NBCD-008] in your MF folder?
    Thank you

  22. will be something from this ?
    [MKFE6] Makinaforce Sessions 2012
    [none] M-Project ‎- Promo Mix 2012
    [MURCD-017][GHz-003] Futon Disco+Carre – Living Bed
    [MURCD-016] Dead Fader – Askanes
    [XHSG002] Donk Terrorist Feat. Yuki – Laugh With Your Heart
    [TM-RB001] Hardcore Seduction Vol.1
    [NPCDR-008] Future Vocal Anthems Final
    [NPCD-0004] Reg; – Carnival !!
    [NPCDR-007] Reg; – Future Vocal Anthems vol.7
    [HEBCD010] DJ Bug – HEB Vol. 10
    [SAEX-0001] EXTRAND FREAKERZ-紅楼夢おまけCD-
    [OSCD-001] Hate ‘n’ A Box!!
    [LOGCD-001] Pocotan – Login!
    [SDFN-0008] Yuuna Kamishiro – Ex.Infinite Vol.1
    [SDFN-0018] Black Jewel EP

    • I have some of them, but I don’t think I will release something from the list before new volume of j-core compilation.

      • I 2nd [XHSG002] Donk Terrorist Feat. Yuki – Laugh With Your Heart if you could make an exception for this that would be nice but if not i understand, Your blog your rules

    • If you’re that eager to listen to some of those, why not buy them :D? Easily available

  23. Heya RW, do you happen to have the album 東方零響神珠 ~ Sanctified Vengeance ?

  24. Thank you for all new uploads! By the way, any idea where could I find new Shoujo’s album?

  25. can U upload … cubegrams – NOT 4 on the FLOOR … in you MediaFire Folder please?!?!?

  26. Any chance of a re-seed?

    ちぃむdmp☆ — 電波娘々 [DMPCD-0004]

  27. Perhaps a bit late, but can’t seem to download the “Gensou Raving!” album. Any chance of a re-seed or whatever it is that allows it to be downloaded (I don’t understand torrents too well).

  28. Could you seed this one please?
    3 months ongoing and just got 1.8%

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