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Current version: 2.0.
Upgradable: no.
Overview: Escarmew started this doujin circle in 2006 with the main theme of irish traditional music. There are three branches at the moment: original music (CIXO), toho-arranges (CIXT) and other. How about a pint of ale?
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Changes: New albums, scans, playlists
Notes: Sorry I was too lazy to make it upgradable from 1.0. Please re-download.

[2008.08.16] Mo cheol, mo chroi
[2009.02.14] Booted and spurred
[2009.05.05] Skyward -空へ-
[2009.08.23] Moonstruck party
[2009.10.11] Gan ainm
[2010.05.05] The story to come
[2010.08.14] Casket II
[2010.10.31] Amarach i chuimhne -追憶の中の未来-
[2010.11.21] 幻想パブ:午後6時
[2010.12.31] The following dawn
[2011.05.01] ACTS!
[2011.05.08] 幻想パブ:午後7時
[2011.08.13] Se deag
[2011.10.16] 幻想パブ:午後8時
[2011.10.30] For like and grin
[2011.12.30] Ale & Malt
[2011.12.30] Gamblers’ bullet
[2012.03.25] 幻想パブ:午後8時30分
[2012.04.30] Breacadh
[2012.05.27] Priverdance
[2012.08.11] Oiche
[2012.09.09] 幻想パブ:午後8時45分22秒
[2012.10.07] 幻想パブ:午後9時
[2012.10.28] Lui na greine
[2012.12.31] Luath maidin
[2013.02.03] 幻想パブ:午後9時15分
[2013.04.29] A session at O’Doorly’s
[2013.04.29] 幻想パブ:午後9時30分
[2013.05.26] Gensoukyo Irish Generation
[2013.08.12] Casket III
[2013.08.12] Druma ’gus dord
[2013.10.13] 幻想パブ:午後10時
[2013.10.27] Musicatlas P. I
[2013.10.27] Vanilla
[2013.11.03] 幻想パブ:午後10時09分
[2013.12.30] No Crap on Tap!
[2013.12.30] 幻想パブベスト vol.1 ”Still sober!”
[2014.02.28] Studies-Covers-etc. (‘course 4 free)
[2014.04.27] Root
[2014.10.26] Musicatlas P. II
[2014.11.24] Fest noz: Reter
[2014.12.29] 幻想パブ:午後11時30分

  22 Responses to “Casket”

  1. My eternal respect and a THOUSAND THANKS for sharing this discography, dude! God bless you greatly!!!! :D

  2. This is nice music, very enjoyable thanks again ;)

  3. Is anyone able to re-seed the lossy version again? Thanks.

  4. Any lossy seeder? ^^;

  5. Hey that’s awesome!
    can you reseed [CIXT0004] 幻想パブ:午後8時30分 and [CIXT0005] Priverdance ?

  6. Thanks!!

  7. Dear, I know a band call 2nd Moon (then Bard) have the same kind of music. They even had collaboration with Casket too. Will I have chance to have their discography in lossless music format???

  8. Can someone seed last 4 linked albums? CIXT 4-7 to be precise.

    Thanks in advance!

    • you can find them on respective event batches, sorry I can’t seed em separately

      • Got the Priverdance, Kouroumu 8 batch is dead, and I couldn’t find the rest. I went through all batches and what mediafire folders I found.

        I’ll try looking elsewhere, but it’s rather unlikely I’ll find anything. It’s too niche genre.

      • Nevermind, I suck dicks.

        Found lossy albums on some kind of FTP.

  9. can you reseed this. I’m trying to comment on feedback but I’m flagged as spam T_T

  10. I love the work you do here. Can you seed [CIXT0004] and [CIXT0006]?

    Thanks :)

  11. When are you going to release the 2.0 batch? I wanted to download the lossy version but no seeds ;_;

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