Apr 222012

Recently, I started thinking how to improve tagging quality. To do this, I need to stop using “audio-image” system and start to split flacs. Instead, we will get a possibility to attach advanced tags like <ARRANGER>, <LYRICS>, <COMPOSER>, <REMIXED BY>, <EVENT>, <ORIGINALTITLE>, <LABELID>, <VOCAL>, <CHOIR>  and maybe something else (<MASTERING>, <SUPPORT>, <GUITAR> etc).




<ORIGINALTITLE> = 原曲, especially useful for toho arranges

<ORIGIN> = 原作, game or anime, when the info is available

<CATALOGID> — obvious enough, will save a space in a <COMMENT> tag. The <COMMENT> will be used for  something like “X’s second album”.

Maybe will add <SUPPORT> tag, it could be a supporter for making tracks.

No radical changes in old tags.

<ARTIST> will mean a band or a singer (<VOCAL>). Otherwise, <COMPOSER> or <ARRANGER>.

<ALBUMARTIST> will mean a circle, label. For commercial releases, album artist/group/band name. No changes here so far.

Event information will be excluded from the <DATE> tag.

I will not add <GENRE>. Ever.

Will use <DISCNUMBER> with <TOTALDISCS>, too. I’ve already started to do this for vorbis.

Audio filenames: %track%. %artist% — %title% , no changes here. “” is a good separator when you have “-” in the track or artist name.

Cue as a playlist for each album. Not sure if I need to add m3u(8) playlists.

Perfect compatibility for Foobar2000. I can’t guarantee anything else.

That’s all. All specifications are a subject to change. Comment if you have a suggestion.

  5 Responses to “Level up”

  1. Damn, I liked the audio-image system. Makes for easy burning and shorter filenames where things like Windows character limit errors won’t happen.

    • I should think about the character limit, yeah. (and had no idea someone burns music to cds these days lol)

      • Well, that’s for CDs in the car and for wasting all the CDs I still have which I bought a long time ago and never used. :P

  2. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that I am not sure what to do with the existing old releases.
    I am thinking to split the flacs myself with foobar but the tags will probably be lost. :(

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