Apr 122012

I will use q6 settings from now on, should have done the comparison before.

Track: 12. Hiroyuki ODA — Thirty (Nhato ‘n’ Bass remix).flac

  7 Responses to “Another post about vorbis”

  1. No idea what does it mean, but it sure is awesome.

    • From what I observe, q5 lacks a chunk of the higher frequencies compared to q6/320/lossless

  2. re-up j-core 4.0 please :D

    respect from Chile!

  3. re-up j-core 4.0 please *-*

  4. for me VBR -v 0 is better than -b 320, in sound,although slightly -v 0 lost some information, but quality is more similar to the original flac/wav

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