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Overview: “For me, writing songs is a way of expression that is very close to my true, unadorned self.”
A soprano, composer and singer-songwriter whose style is mostly inspired by neoclassical, new age and folk music. © last.fm. Haruka Shimotsuki possesses an incredibly clear, high, and beautiful voice that fits traditional instruments like a charm. She has sung hundreds of songs since 2000, either doujin or commercial, and is well-known for GUST-series (Atelier and Ar Tonelico), anime, and eroge songs. The most game- and anime-related songs (not including GUST) are positioned as a pop, though. She is a member of several projects: MW with Rekka Katakiri (片霧烈火) and kukui with myu. One of the most attractive parts of her career is a doujin collaboration with MANYO and Nao Hiyama (日山尚). They have been managing many circles: starting with Maple leaf, then arcane+しちごさん。(753), Canoue and tieLeaf, which are still active at the moment. Besides that, she has also been participating in the famous projects like Sound Horizon, Barbarian on the Groove, Voltage of Imagination, WAVE, and more to count.
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Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror), lossless DDL (MEGA), lossy DDL (MEGA)


new tag and release systems, better rips, scans and cover arts for a few works, new albums and songs
The following parts of the discography were removed: Barbarian On The Groove songs, GUST songs, Voltage of Imagination, and Sound Horizon songs. You can find everything in the respective batches.


  • Albums
[2005.09.22] あしあとリズム ~Haruka Shimotsuki works best~
[2007.02.28] ティンダーリアの種
[2008.06.25] 音のコンパス
[2009.10.14] グリオットの眠り姫
[2010.04.14] 導きのハーモニー
[2011.01.14] Innocent Grey Haruka Shimotsuki Collection Traumerei
[2011.02.23] 星空アンサンブル
[2012.04.25] 零れる砂のアリア
[2012.11.14] 想いのコンチェルト
[2013.10.09] レムルローズの魔女
[2014.11.05] なないろスコア

  • Singles
[2005.10.26] 硝子鏡の夢
[2007.09.26] 星空の坂道
[2008.02.22] カザハネ
[2008.07.13] Haruka Shimotsuki Solo Live Lv.2
[2009.01.09] ユメノハテニ
[2009.04.08] break time
[2009.12.23] 君との旅路
[2010.02.10] 最後の道標
[2011.06.01] smile link
[2014.04.23] Starting Voice

  • Doujin
  • canoue
[2012.12.31] canoue ~廻る羅針盤~
[2013.08.12] canoueII ~最果ての塔~
[2013.12.11] ルチカ
[2013.12.31] canoueIII ~海に眠る王国~
[2014.08.17] canoue chronicle

  • Maple Leaf
[2001.10.21] ciel etoile
[2001.12.30] SACRED DOORS vol.1
[2002.08.11] Reed+
[2002.12.30] ユラグソラ ~SACRED DOORS vol.0~
[2003.12.30] Impronta/永遠の都市へ
[2006.12.29] Maple Leaf Box
[2008.08.16] ウィルド・ラッドの調べ ~SACRED DOORS another tale~

  • tieLeaf
[2005.12.30] 月追いの都市
[2007.08.17] Lip-Aura ~その手が象る世界~
[2009.08.15] ツイソウの窓
[2009.10.01] 月追いの都市 -Plus Edition-
[2012.12.31] 落日の迷い子
[2014.04.27] 光の降る森~捻子巻く月 vol.1 trial ver.~
[2014.12.30] 捻子巻く月 前奏曲 ~日溜まりの檻~

  • Whisper Records
[2004.03.14] Yggdrasil (WPRL-0005)

  • しちごさん。 (753)
[2010.10.31] しちごさん。とarcaneが合同で試聴CDを作ってみた
[2010.12.29] ツナギ蝶ノ塚
[2011.08.13] 羽ノ亡キ蝶
[2011.12.31] 虚木ノ咎人
[2012.08.11] 蝶ノ在リ処
[2013.04.29] 夜を灯すランジェ
[2014.04.27] Another Flower
[2014.10.26] 朝を唄うエルミット

  • Collaborations
  • kukui
[2004.11.25] 透明シェルター
[2004.12.29] ゆめわたりの夜
[2005.11.23] 光の螺旋律
[2006.01.25] Little Primrose
[2006.04.26] Starry Waltz
[2007.04.25] Leer Lied
[2007.05.23] コンコルディア
[2007.10.24] 箱庭ノート
[2009.01.07] brilliant world
[2009.02.18] 地図散歩
[2010.08.13] 瞬間シンパシー

[2006.08.23] kukui — 彼方からの鎮魂歌 [Drama Version].flac
[2006.09.22] kukui — ピチカート日和 [Drama Version].flac
[2006.10.25] kukui — みどりのゆび [Drama Version].flac
[2007.02.07] kukui — 近くて遠いゆめ [Drama version].flac
[2009.08.14] kukui — コンペイトウ.flac
[2010.07.07] kukui — 虚無の華.flac
[2007.12.21] kukui — Thankful Anniversary.flac
[2008.08.16] kukui — 空回りのエアメール.flac
[2007.08.08] kukui — 流れ星ひとつ.flac

  • MW
[2008.08.16] 十二の祈り
[2009.08.14] 燐音 -RINNE-

[2008.05.28] ティンダーリアの種 ドラマCD
[2009.05.25] 夢渡し
[2010.01.27] 希いの標
[2010.08.13] 光の雨音 ~SACRED DOORS element maxi side Undine~
[2010.08.13] 花想少女~Lip-Aura~前奏曲
[2010.08.13] 霜月はるかのFrost Moon Cafe 臨時出店スペシャルCD 2010 summer
[2011.05.01] melodies memories
[2011.10.26] 花想少女~Lip-Aura~幻想歌曲集
[2013.07.24] れっつごー☆シモツキン

[2010.08.13] 霜月はるか — 何処にでもある明日.flac

  • Game songs
[2003.10.26] Grooming Vocal Collection
[2004.04.24] 追憶の破片
[2004.10.29] 遠い伝承歌
[2005.09.22] 魔王と踊れ! ヴォーカルアルバム
[2006.04.28] 荒野に咲く祈り
[2007.12.29] いつかのひかり
[2008.05.23] 想いのカナタ
[2008.07.25] 5 -ファイブ- マキシシングル
[2009.07.24] 5 -Five- Sound Album yukar Disc3
[2011.10.28] 神聖にして聞かざるべからず
[2012.06.01] Perfect Sky/Precious Wing
[2012.06.29] Princess Evangile ~W Happiness~ マキシシングル
[2013.08.30] PriministAr プライミニスター 主題歌マキシングル
[2014.12.30] タイヨウパラダイス – ねこまんま日和

[2006.04.28] 蠅声の王 メッセサンオー特典 Original Soundtracks

Single tracks

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