Mar 202016

Current version: 2.0.
Upgradable: no.

Overview: Mohican Sandbag is a doujin circle has been active until 2011. The type of music is electronic (touhou arranges): psy/goa-trance, techno, experimental etc. Mohican Sandbag has many collaboration albums with techno doujin circle Aramitama (荒御霊).

Official site

Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)


Changes: new release system, not much has changed overall.
Notes: I believe the circle is dead so it’s the final batch.


[2007.08.17] Full Materials Ver 1.0
[2007.09.09] Full Materials Rev 1.5
[2007.11.04] Full Materials 2.0
[2007.12.31] フルマテお年玉ぱっく Full Materials 2.5
[2008.04.20] Full Materials 3.0
[2008.05.25] MILD⇔
[2008.05.25] ⇔LIGHT
[2008.08.16] ELECTRO ELECT
[2008.11.02] 東方カクテル
[2009.03.08] BOSSIZM!
[2009.03.08] Resonance Days
[2009.03.21] いやしサンドバッグ
[2009.06.07] へたれサンドバッグ
[2009.08.15] M.M.T
[2009.10.11] Vibration of Womb
[2010.12.30] 圏外
[2011.05.08] Attempt
[2011.08.13] 新力 – new power –
[2011.12.31] 戯

  • Collaborations
[2009.08.15] 綺想PSY/マジックキック
[2010.03.14] AramiCore
[2010.03.14] 地下宇宙的恍惚幻覚音盤
[2010.08.14] Space Underground Psychedelic Core
[2010.08.14] XXXXX EX Stage R-21

  4 Responses to “モヒカンサンドバッグ — Mohican Sandbag”

  1. Can I request seeder for this one?

  2. This circle makes some sick mashups. There’s something weirdly satisfying about western music combined with touhou tunes and random piano over it.

  3. r.i.p. mohican sandbag. Legit my favorite circle around. every once in a while, I check Hiru’s blog in hopes of an update.

    By the way, they had two releases in 2012 on Golden Gutsy Records for any completionists, which I believe can be found on US Amazon and iTunes as digital downloads (its been a while and too lazy to check).

  4. links are wrong here.

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