Oct 122018
Description: lossless collection of Altanaphixx circle albums. Not tagged, not sorted, only converted to flac.
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(C85)Altanaphixx - Altanaphixx OUTERSIDE #06 LOVE IMITATION.rar                                                        
(M3-26)(同人音楽)[Altanaphixx] Altanaphixx OpusXtra06- TOKYO Re-modelleD [APXX-1006] (flac+cue+png).rar                    
Altanaphixx  - OUTERSIDE #03 everclusion (flac).rar                                                                           
Altanaphixx - Altanaphixx OUTERSIDE #04 - Rouges (flac).rar                                                                   
Altanaphixx - OpusXtra05 - WORLDS (flac).rar                                                                                  
Altanaphixx OUTERSIDE - Gimmick of love (flac).rar                                                                            
Altanaphixx - lovestract (flac).rar                                                                                                         
Altanaphixx - OUTERSIDE 04 Rouges (flac).rar                                                                                                
Altanaphixx - Spectrum Cruise (flac).rar                                                                                                    
[Altanaphixx] Altanaphixx OpusXtra04:fleuolight (flac).rar                                                                    
[Altanaphixx] Altanaphixx OUTERSIDE #02 Inverted Illusion (flac).rar                                                          
[Altanaphixx] [091011(M3-24)] Altanaphixx Opus IV:tranquilize tuneD (flac).rar                                          
[EAC] [071008(M3-2007秋)] [Altanaphixx] Altanaphixx Opus III 【es】 ~excellence scape~  (flac+scans).rar  
[EAC] [071125] [Altanaphixx] outorbit live traxx @ Komaba Festival U.T. 2007  (flac+scans).rar                
[EAC] [071231(C73)] [Altanaphixx] Altanaphixx prelude-IV:turbulent tuneD (flac+scans).rar                    
[EAC] [080511(M3-2008春@21)] [Altanaphixx] Altanaphixx OpusXtra01:Lost Concept (flac+scans).rar               
[EAC] [081013(M3-2008秋@22)] [Altanaphixx] Altanaphixx OpusXtra02:traces to Destination (flac+scans).rar
[EAC] [090815(C76)] [Altanaphixx] Altanaphixx OpusXtra03:evolocasys (flac+scans).rar


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