Dec 102011

Date: 2011.12.29—31
Vorbis DDL: (+SCANS)


麻枝准 x やなぎなぎ — Killer Song
HOEHOE RECORDS — アイドル八犬伝☆ホエホエとらっくす
queens label — IA/00 [QLCD-0023~4]Alstroemeria Records — KILLED DANCEHALL (東方) [ARCD0036]
HARDCORE TANO*C — Bright Colors [TCPLUS-0007]
ALiCE’S EMOTiON — Ghost Region (東方) [AECD-031]
SoundOnline — A Couple of Time (東方) [IBCD-0019]
HARDCORE TANO*C (t+pazolite) — songs for X Girlz [TCSLCD-0003]
SYNC. ART’S — CLAUDIA (東方) [SACD-5032]
Floating Cloud — 幻想郷事変 (東方) [FLCD016]
凋叶棕 — 綴 (東方) [RDWL-0007]
Foreground Eclipse — Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone (東方) [FGE-0004]
Casket & 荒御霊 — Ale & Malt [ACCP0001]
ALBATROSICKS — rebirth era [IO-5008]
Cordelia (花たん) — ノスタルジア [HNKS-0003]
Liz Triangle — reunion (東方) [LTCD-0014]
Yonder Voice — SEEKING (東方) [YVCD0003]
TatshMusicCircle — FAR EAST OF EAST VI (東方)
Yonder Voice — SEEKING (東方) [YVCD0003]
少女病 — Vision -誓約の閉回路 桎梏の乙女- [GIRL-2002]
秋の空 (三澤秋) — ぎんいろの旅路 [ASCD006]
うたのは (小鳥遊まこ) — 渡り鳥のリン [UTCD-010]
AQUASTYLE — 幻想フォークロア -illusion folklore- (東方)
CROW’SCLAW — Blackened Fangs And Bloody Claws [PAEG-0015]
kaede. org — 酣歌 Vol. 1 [KAED-0006]
Studio “Syrup Comfiture” x Pizuya’s Cell — 君の歌と僕の小さな恋 (東方) [SCPC-0001]
Studio “Syrup Comfiture” — Avidya (東方) [SSC-0012]
bassy — ピアノムシが孵ったら [BASH004]
Adresse (仲村芽衣子) — 蒼穹リアライズ [ARPK-3001]
2-dimension — Colorpop
Arte Refact — 幻想遊園郷 -Fantastic Park- (東方) [ARTE-0001]
EastNewSound — Dione Aggregation (東方) [ENS-0016]
CODE-49 (LV. 4) — A. D. 2995 [49CD-0009]
葉月ゆら×キラ星ひかる — 幻恋楼閣談集 [ROSE-003]
ポヤッチオ — プチリズムふぉお/// [KTHT-0014]
monoROSETTA — 恋のレシピとエトセトラ [MONR-0002]
サリー — サドマゾヒズム (東方) [SA-002]
Rolling Contact — HARDCORE BARRAGE 2 (東方) [LOLI-0026]
幽閉サテライト – 月に叢雲華に風 (東方) [YHST-0011]
LiLA’c Records — M4D ESSENCE (東方) [LLAC-0009]
Rolling Contact — ELECTRO CUTE (東方) [LOLI-0025]
六弦アリス — 迷イノ森、夢十夜。 -人トシテ- [RGAL-0021]
六弦アリス — 迷イノ森、夢十夜。 -凛トシテ- [RGAL-0022]
CODE ZTS LABEL — うみねこのなく頃に 散 musicbox Red
electro planet (Junk) — euphorise [JKCL-0001]
いえろ~ぜぶら (Yellow Zebra) — いえろ~ぜぶら ふぃな~れBOX (東方) [YZFB0001]
GILDIA×猫の福音 — GILDIA×猫の福音 特典CD
Vermillion-D Alice Syndrome — 嚮導する聖女は屍骸の椅子で奇蹟を謳う [VDEP-0001]
ShibayanRecords — À procura de felicidade (東方) [STAL-1102]
GWAVE (U) — ULTRA★U -GALAXY- 感謝祭! [IMAE-00058]
GWAVE — GWAVE 2011 1st Chronicle [IMAE-00056]
GWAVE (Electro.muster) — The Personalizer [IMAE-00057]
LiLA’c Records (ILL) — Imitation Larval Love [LLAC-0010]
Pizuya’s Cell — Merciless Lazuli Rose (東方) [PSYC-0005]
舞風 — 東方青旋香 (東方) [MKTD-1102]
Halozy – Tonic Triangle Instrumental (東方)
Halozy – Tonic Triangle (東方) [HLZY-0011]
Amateras Records — Helius Aggregation (東方) [AMRC-0004]
Amateras Records — Amateras Records Exclusive Disc Winter 2011 (東方)
TRiANCE CODE — Half the Beat (東方) [TRCD-0016]
こなぐすり — Thalia Aggregation (東方) [CNCD-0019]
circle-rw —Radiant Pink (東方)
M.Graveyard & Cilcletempo — 彼岸花の咲く夜に Original Sound Horror… 愛しを渡るは黄昏ぞ/Spider Lily [MGRA-0002]
SEA SPARROWS — Scarlet Vampire with fathful dog (東方) [SSTC-0005]
Demetori — BEGIERDE DES ZAUBERER (東方) [DECD-0007]
俺++ — 智 -WISDOM- (東方) [ORECD-06]
ユウノウミ — 東方人妻ようちえん (東方) [IOY-0008]
FELT — Silver Drive (東方) [FELT-006]
とらのあな — 東方マヨヒガTV~博麗神社☆プロデュース~ (東方)
Draw the Emotional — Ghost and your heart (東方) [YYYP-0007]
おでんぱ☆スタジオ — ろりーたプラネット★ミ [OPCD-1007]
とらのあな — 東方マヨヒガTV~博麗神社☆プロデュース~ (東方)
MISHAORU — さよならの森 [SMKA-0001]


Chromesphere Records (syatten) — Colorium [CRCD-0001]
C9 (Cirwo) — Distorted Heaven [C9CD-0007]
curled-coil (iMp) — northpole [CURC-0009]
Noir — Noirism -Ark- [NOIR-0001]
Primary — sweet’s holiday [PRMY-0015]
IZMIZM — Nostalgia (東方)
fractaleline — NoTRicky Sequel [FRCT-0010]
KINZOK ON — GENSOU HARDSOUND #007 (東方) [kzon-010]
natal — an viento [NATAL01]
Black Onyx — Black Onyx Remixes (東方)
dBu music — 蘇弾奏結界 尸解変奏曲 Undead Variation (東方) [DBCD-0017]
Kissing the Mirror — SCREAMING DEAD HEAT (東方) [AOD021]
necozuka — Cross⇒Connection (東方) [NZCD-0006]
Thousand Leaves — IMMORTAL VENGEANCE (東方) [TIBA-010]
Paradise Eve — 騎士エメラルド [PEVE-0004]
Meno — Prologue
Fluid-Tek Recording — Feel 4 the Origin [FTKRCD-001]
HEKATONCHEIR BEATS — 東方酒乱集・弐 (東方) [HKCD-0002]
MOB SQUAD BLACK LABEL (Round Wave Crusher) — Doujin or death [MSTBL041]
モヒカンサンドバッグ — 戯 (東方)
ろりすたいる☆がばーず — 君の妄想世界 [LGCD-003]
Notebook Records — Doppelganger Genocide!!!!! [NBCD007]
RAVE BRIGADE — マジカル・ハスラー・ババア [RBCD#008]
RAVE BRIGADE (ENTAKU) — 変態テクノロジー [RBECD#001]
Stoic Sounds — D2 -Dual Duel- [Shoot’em All 2nd] [SSCD-0011]
999 Recordings (Remo-Con vs DJ TECHNORCH) — 中 〜Centrism〜 [TCNCD011]
C9 — Connected Words (東方) [C9CD-0006]
Zero-Shaft — ZeroShuffle [ZSCD-003]
pastyle — Dimension of Bottom (東方) [PLCD-0004]
pichnopop (P*Light) — Are You Happy? [PSOLO-001]
beauty:burst — Dynamix (The Last)
beauty:burst — 死ね死ね団Ⅱ
Psycho Filth Records — New Year Of Death 2012 [PFEX-004]
KLAMNOP — 癒し系シュランツEP [KLMN-0004]
salvation by faith records — We Bros X [SBFR-0027~8]
AGENT 0 — maddening (東方) [AGENT-0005]
Lost Garden — Alice [LGCD-0013]

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  1. Oh, awesome spredsheet, didn’t know that something like this list exists. Nice!

  2. I just want to thank you beforehand for all the future releases we will receive from you guy(s)~

  3. Aw yeah! Thanks so much for everything so far and everything you have yet to upload!
    And Happy New Year too! ;]

  4. Yeah, Happy new year :3

  5. enigmatic ia

  6. Please,

    Sprite Impressions02 -The Anthemic Brinicle-

  7. I can’t promise LC:AZE, but sprite impressions will appear eventually

  8. Any news about Taishi feat Aoba Ringo?

  9. Hi there, is there any news on Iron Chino Deamon’s Seal?

  10. Will be uploaded void’s second solo album “Altersist”?

  11. Do u have pastyle – “Dimension of Bottom” in plans for upload?

  12. Please , Sprite Impressions02 -The Anthemic Brinicle-

  13. Just wanted to know if you are going to upload “Sketch Up! Anthology 2” and P*light album “Are you Happy?”?


  14. Will the Aggregation trilogy(Conagusuri, EastNewSound, Amateras Records) be completed? Left Thalia and Helius aggregation.

  15. Hi just wanted to know if you have any plans to upload either Higanbana’s Image Album Lycoris or the Original Sound Horror by Dai & Luck Ganriki

  16. Awesome if you could that would be great that CD is so hard to find

  17. SUPER SHOT 4 & D2 -Dual Duel- [Shoot’em All 2nd] in MediaFire PLIiIiIiIS!!

  18. New pastyle and void still don’t available?

  19. You have the CD We Bros. X ?
    if you have it, please upload

    I only need this CD. I have all the other CDs of C81! XD

  20. Can you please post Remcon vs Technorch – Centrism as vorbis on mediafireit would mean alot to me, thank you

  21. Can I get a seed of A.D. 2995?

  22. M.Graveyard & Cilcletempo — 彼岸花の咲く夜に Original Sound Horror… 愛しを渡るは黄昏ぞ/Spider Lily catalog number is MGCT-0002, not MGRA

  23. can i have a seed for salvation by faith records — We Bros X [SBFR-0027~8]? I beg you i want it so bad ;__;

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