Sep 292016

Long time no see, dear readers.
I decided to give you a quick update on Audio-4U paused activity.

Did you think we are dead? No we are not. I moved to Japan this summer and it took me a lot of time to set up the network/Internet infrastructure and do a lot of things. First of all, the blog has moved to Kimsufi dedicated server in Canada. The loading speed may get lower for someone but hopefully not that much. I also had to set up a VPN server, a seedbox (yes, I am seeding all Audio-4U batches right now – write your requests if you need something to seed), private FTP server on my home’s NAS, do enhanced security measures et cetera. Lot of work has been done but most of things are working right now. And not just the network infrastructure, but my life calmed down as well.

So, what does it all mean? I will return to Audio-4u releases in the near future. There’s the J-CORE batch update waiting around, event batches and so on.
Hopefully I will be able to release something by the end of October.
Yet, there’s Autumn leaves season coming soon, and I have lots of plans to travel in Japan, take some photos etc. Can you imagine how amusing can it be, right? That’s some nice excuse ha-ha.

Some of you may ask if I will buy some rare or new CDs sinec I’m in Japan, but unfortunatelly I don’t have such plans yet (I don’t even have a CD drive!). Maybe next year, who knows. I also need to do something with my old CDs.

  9 Responses to “Updates”

  1. Good to hear from you :) and good to hear the site will continue YAY!!

  2. You are doing great work, thanks.

  3. Very nice to hear from you again indeed! Glad to hear you have settled, looking forward to the next update :)
    Hope life in Japan will treat you well!

  4. Good to see that this is still alive. Can’t wait for the new j-core batch

  5. Word of text on a screen are incapable of expressing how grateful I am for all of your work.

  6. Looking forward to Yousei Teikoku album’s update.

  7. Can you re-seed the M3-32 batch ?

  8. Well glad to see this place is still around. On another note I just got my own qnap NAS and have already thrown 3 4tb HDDs in it and I will try to serve as a back up for any popular files I like but it may take some time because my internet gets hit hard with caps.

  9. Also could you please help me find an incredibly old EP of 2 songs? I believe i got it form here and I vaguely remember it having the title or artist name of Kade and something about leaves and blue.
    It was a slow progressive house track that was about 6-8mins long and had blue-ish album art?

    If my description rings a bell please let me know. I would really like to hear this song again.

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