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Overview: curled-coil is a one-person doujin circle run by iMp. There aren’t many releases, but his d’n’b, liquid funk, progressive trance, funk and techno tracks has its own charming flavour.

Official site, you can buy his works on Bandcamp

Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)



Notes: please share if you have other singles/tracks


[2010.12.31] subsequence
[2011.05.01] phat trash
[2011.12.31] northpole
[2012.04.30] fribble
[2012.08.11] full run
[2012.08.11] soundy beach
[2012.10.28] fugitive
[2013.04.29] nightblooming
[2013.08.12] funk love 5000
[2014.04.27] basement23
[2014.08.17] moonquake
[2014.10.26] fail’d
[2015.10.25] connect.phat
iMp — pieceful life (iMp summer mix).flac

  9 Responses to “curled-coil”

  1. Just checked my collection for you, I’ve got the singles Crush Days (lossless, might be from when I was active on astost) and Actias Artemis (mp3 only, probably old doujincore rip).
    He had some release at M3 this past weekend, if I’d had noticed earlier I’d have asked a friend to pick that up, oops.
    aa: https://my.mixtape.moe/watskn.7z
    cd: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8xd2xskjdix7frm/Curled-Coil_-_Crush_Days.7z
    I haven’t conformed the file naming or tags to your style, you can have fun with that.

    unrelated: seen Pinokiti Rec – Fruited Vagabond Vol.6 anywhere?

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