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Overview: Black Berry Recordings (BBR) is a doujin circle led by three artists: MAYA AKAI, in, Odikonic. It is closely related with other electronic music circle called RIGHT STUFF. If you like high quality progressive & uplifting trance and house you’re in the right place. BBR creates both original and Visual Novels (usually Key) arrange albums. In addition to member of the circle you can also find other names you might be familiar with—Kyohei Akagawa, Junk,void, Maozon, satella, Tomohiko Togashi and many more
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[2011.08.13] AMARETTO
[2011.12.31] Chimaera EP
[2012.08.11] Still Dying
[2012.12.31] Snowdrop
[2015.04.26] Lio Sazer EP

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