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Current version: 1.0.
Upgradable: —

Overview: You can call Unitone a doujin circle, but it’s actually a nice electronic music label with top-notch composers like aran, Kenichi Chiba, lawy, Ryunosuke Kudo, satella and many more famous Japanese composers: Nhato, Kyohei Akagawa, KaNa, Nostalgraph, NAGO, MK, Dirty Androids and many more. Unitone covers various genres, but usually it’s progressive/uplifting trance, electro or classic house.

Official site

Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)


Notes: —


[2012.10.28] Unitone phase:01
[2012.12.29] meishoumisettei Ⅱ
[2012.12.31] Desktop Universe
[2013.04.29] BENSALEM
[2013.10.27] Erbshaft
[2013.10.27] Unitone phase:02
[2013.12.31] Apolo E.P
[2013] ENOnLINE
[2014.04.27] LIFE IS LIKE A LIVE!
[2014.08.17] Myria
[2014.08.17] OLD HEAVEN
[2014.10.26] Unitone PHASE:03
[2014.12.30] Unitone PHASE:Remixes
[2014.12.30] VISTA
[2014] Remulia
[2015.04.26] ETMOS
[2015.08.16] ALPHA
[2015.08.16] VISTA 2
[2015.10.25] Unitone PHASE:04
[2015.12.31] Reincarnation

  3 Responses to “Unitone”

  1. Reseed the lossless anyone?

  2. I uploaded them in mega in case anyone wants a direct download link.
    (Feel free to add them into the post!)

    https://mega.nz/#F!mVpxyLoD!-nNifxS7C0rzlUxNcm333w (Lossless)
    https://mega.nz/#F!fQRBTRRY!t2AtK-H4r3WEj9JZf4ASsQ (Lossy)

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