May 192016

There are some albums I just don’t need anymore. I will upload them and delete from my HDD. Served just as is—not sorted, not tagged, not classified. Check the filename for more info.

password if required: uploadedbykiramekizora


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  1. Could be Yandex, or Baidu (for the Eastern people).

  2. А можно торрентом? А то чет браузер не хочет качать.

    • погуглите, как качать с меги, я даже не знаю. для того торрент и не делал, чтоб удалить можно было.

  3. Thanks dude, there are a few things here I completely missed.

  4. 2016.05.19 mega link is broken, it’s pointing to 2016.03.19’s contents.

  5. What’s the password for these files?

    (C81)(同人音楽)[C-media records] SYNERGY ELEVEN (flac+cue+png)
    [C-media records] SYNERGY 05
    [EAC](M3-大阪)(同人音楽)[C-media records]KILLER MACHINE(wav+cue+log)
    C-media records – EMERGENCY 2 (C73)
    C-media records – EMERGENCY 4 (C77)
    C-media records – EMERGENCY 5 (C79)
    C-media records – PHENOMENA (C77)
    C-media records – Sequential Volume.2 (M3-20)
    C-media records – SYNERGY 07 (C73)
    C-media records – SYNERGY 09 (C77)

  6. Appreciate this so much, instead of outright deleting, you upload it for others to get, just in case they need it.A

  7. Thanks for the share

    are there any better versions of the i’ve stuff? the old stuff especially I’ve CURE TRANCE Vol.1 sounds really distorted or lacking, running through an audio spectrum analyzer shows alot of the high frequency stuff is missing. I really love the I’ve trance magic volumes, really reminds me of how great i’ve sound was.

    • I am really sorry, but I don’t have another version of those. And I suspect the mastering of old CDs so it might be the source issue.

      • ah ok, no worries. Once again thanks for the share! I was surprised to find more [i’ve] related music in the first place

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