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Overview: Progressive trance, electro and progressive house, EDM are key words for Lost Garden. This circle was originally started with Touhou and Key arranges, but now it focuses on original compositions by its regular members: kaguraduki and bane. You can also find other composers like ITM and 文-脈 on Lost Gadren albums.
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Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)


Notes: please share missed albums if you have.

[2006.10.09] Nostalgia -Luv Clann-
[2007.08.17] 幻舞式 -The wind has shifted to East-
[2008.08.16] Sakura Heart
[2009.08.15] gracious key
[2009.12.30] Kalanchoe tomentosa
[2010.08.14] Rayer
[2010.12.30] Calm
[2011.12.31] Alice
[2012.05.27] Mariage
[2012.08.12] Eden’s Pattern
[2012.12.31] Luxurious Cattail
[2013.04.29] La Cue’n Vol.1
[2013.08.12] Everlasting Wonderland
[2013.10.27] VELVEZION
[2014.04.27] Kirschise
[2014.08.17] PLAMISSIONE
[2015.04.26] Reincarnation
[2015.08.16] BAYSIDE DREAMER

  14 Responses to “Lost Garden”

  1. thanks a bunch man

  2. Hell yeah, i love you

  3. this is nice

  4. Hats off to you,awesome share man !!

  5. Not sure if it applies to the batch since I got STARLIGHT CONDUCTOR from the C89 page, but from that every track is labeled with P*Light as the composer.

  6. I heard the samples and loved it. Didn’t know about these guys. I like how chill/trancey the songs are, the fact that there is no vocals, and that there’s original stuff. What other circle would you recommend me that is like this one?

    Thanks for sharing, and excuse me for my horrendous english

  7. Yay, another that I love. ily man (no homo)

  8. “You can also find Veneo Isrugi, ITM, 新乃ユキヒデ and other composers on Lost Gadren albums.”
    A correction: bane *is* Veneo Isrugi. He doesn’t use bane as a handle anymore for whatever reason.

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