Aug 172015

Date: 2015.08.14~16
Spreadsheet preview (courtesy of DoujinMusicNews)

Lossy ddl


CODE-49 — 電脳街 ”Reboot” (東方) [49RE-0001] (flac+scans)
Binzokomegane Girls Union — 明星デストピア [DESIRE+UTOPIA] [MGNCD-002] (flac)
DDBY — くつろぎタイム6 (flac)
ESQUARIA — PLATONIC SOUL (東方) [EQCD-0007] (flac)
WAVE — Citla re:verse -其歌は真言顕す欠片と為りて- [KLMN-0001] (flac+scans)
ZYTOKINE — LITTLE WHEEL ALMANDINE (東方) [CK-0038P] (flac+scans)
うたのは — 正典と偽典~英雄ルベウスと狂王イグニス~ [UTCD-0020] (flac+scans)
とらのあな — 東方幻奏響UROBOROS肆 ~dEATHtINYoVERdRIVE~ (flac)
幽閉サテライト — 魂の語りに導かれて (東方) [YHST-0055] (flac+scans)
電奏楽団 (天門) — 電界の地図 [DENG-012] (flac+scans)
DDBY — Cafe de Touhou 7 (東方) (flac)
Foxtail-Grass Studio — なつねいろ。 [FGSO-0004] (flac+scans)
Primary — PS 2005-2013 [PRMY-0023] (flac+scans)
ZYTOKINE — LITTLE WHEEL EUCLASE (東方) [CK-0037P] (flac+scans)
HUMMING LIFE (茶太) — Soundtrack [HLMF-0013~4] (flac+scans)
Alstroemeria Records — POP | CULTURE 4 (東方) [ARCD0048] (flac)
DiGiTAL WiNG — デジウィ iMPACT (東方) [DWCD-0020] (flac+scans)
Diverse System — AD:EDM 4 [DVSP-0134~5] (flac+scans)
Diverse System — AD:HOUSE 4 [DVSP-0132~3] (flac+scans)
Diverse System — FUTURE CHALLENGE [DVSP-0137] (flac+scans)
en;Dolphin Records — 夏と原稿用紙 [ER-0003] (flac+scans)
MEGAREX — Ultra Hitech 01 [MRX-008] (flac)
Mournfinale (void) — Artifiction [VSDA-0006] (flac)
wavforme — newwav [WAV-001] (flac)
狐の工作室 — 喫茶白玉楼 (東方) [KNTH-0019] (flac)

  24 Responses to “C88”

  1. Have a great and enjoyable vacation ;)
    Will anxiously wait for more sharing stuff ^^

  2. Got this from some Chinese forum, enjoy Taishi [Compllege] From 2 Planets [无损-flac]


  3. Wait for a long time and finally it comes

  4. Did anyone got Sol Negro?

  5. Great, thanks for sharing.
    Also, is there any possibility to get 電気式華憐音楽集団 albums from you anytime soon?

  6. Is this everything that will be posted for C88?

  7. unrelated to C88 but I replied to your email, I missed it for some reason and noticed it when I used search function

  8. Any chance to see Ethereal Divide from signum/ii ?

  9. Is there a chance that someone has the Rapbit album Asobi Doko #202 and can possibly upload it for me to download?

  10. its this all or more coming?

  11. Would it be save to assume “Frozen Government Wars Vol.3” wont be a part of any future uploads?

  12. I’m really interested in clavision – The selected works of mommy -, if anyone managed to get it. It’s sold out on Diverse Direct, unfortunately.

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