Oct 012016

Go get some doujin (and not only) rare CDs!


There are few personal reasons behind the selling and I think there are people who need the physical copies more than me. All CDs have been used once or twice and then stored in a safe place. Obis/booklets included. About half of the CDs have already became rare and cannot be bought easily. And I think the price is not high comparing to other places like otakurepublic.
Delivery: Economy shipping from Japan. Usually 4-15$ (SAL, Air Mail, Surface mail. With tracking or not).
Shipping fee examples.
1-3CDs to USA: SAL – 4$ (8$ with tracking), Air Mail  – 6$ (10$ with tracking).
4-8CDs to USA: SAL – 8$ (12$ with tracking), Air Mail – 13$ (17$ with tracking).
SAL usually takes 2-3 weeks, Air Mail – 7-10 days.


Sold entries are deleted from the list right away, (reserved) ones are marked so.

Still few CDs left, please help to dispose get rid of them! 3$ for each of them unless other price is mentioned.

HARDCORE OMORO – Hardcore LiberaLism Drei
HARDCORE OMORO — Hardcore LiberaLism Null [HOCD-0010]

Cécile Corbel – harpe celtique & chants du monde
Cécile Corbel –  Songbook vol. 4 – Roses
Cécile Corbel –  songbook 1
Cécile Corbel –  Arrietty – complete collector edition (10$)

percent-Age VS SHIFT TUNES — 7X Formula [PAST-0001]

  23 Responses to “Massive sale (BIG sale again)”

  1. “Selling my CDs” I fast clicked in to see. Darn no j-core stuff, id take any physical copy of freeform/j-core stuff.
    I have to keep an eye more on this site. Tho that Arrietty is nice one!

    • hello what were you hoping for, i have a few maybe

      • Hi! Anything like Betwixt & Between, or that kind of style. Le-Dos on or Redalice. Freeform/j-core, like t+pazolite has this track called “Lets fall in love!”, that kind of is also nice. Some vocals are welcome. Hard to explain as I type this comment hehe.

        • check the Crying Beauty album above (Le-Dos on)
          you might also be interested in

          C.H.S. – ULTRA CUTiE BREAKiN’!!!!
          HARDCORE TANO*C, t+pazolite – songs for X Girlz
          C.H.S., t+pazolite – Answer from X Girlz

        • I only have Nanosecond Eternity from B&B. It’s still sealed, though. It’s already been over a a half year so I’m not sure if you are interested, but you’d get a much quicker response if you tweet at me!

  2. Hello!
    I’m interested about いとうかなこ – 非実在青少年
    Do you have the possibility to send international mail? If you do, I’d gladly buy the album :)

    • Hello!
      Yes, of course. You should just send 32$ to my paypal account (minstrelkelo@gmail.com) and tell me your address
      And please don’t forget about the paypal fee if you’re in.

  3. 6 Apr: 35 CDs are sold

  4. Hi!
    Was wondering if you have H.U.T GiGAR’s ‘FUCKED UP’ album. I’m having a hard time finding it.

  5. How much is the shiping to Finland?

    I want to buy 1 cd.

    OG-G Music Works — EXtraLife [OGCD-0008] (7$)

  6. How much is it for these to the United states?

    ろりすたいる☆がばーず – 撲殺はーどこぁ学園 [LGCD-0002] (15$)

  7. thanks for all of your work, it means alot.

    If you can find any of moro’s cd’s ill buy them from you after you scan them.

    btw i sent you a donation.

  8. how should we go about contacting you if we’re interested in purchasing? is it best to just comment here?

  9. I may be interested in percent-Age VS SHIFT TUNES — 7X Formula [PAST-0001] but I don’t have anything to listen to so I can’t be sure. I know I like percent-Age though.

    There is a torrent on here but there are no seeds or peers:

    Any chance of supplying a download to it? I checked the box to email me for follow-up comments so I should see anyone responding relatively quickly (like a week or less)

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