Apr 122015

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Overview: Kikuo is one of the most talented vocaloid composed on the doujin scene. He composes various electronic music that can be partially described as IDM, but it’s more unique and attractive. He also makes more recognizable tracks like dubstep and electro house sometimes. There are also albums without vocaloid vocals — the KIKUOWORLD series.
Official site. You can also buy all of his albums from bandcamp.

Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)


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[2011.08.11] きくおミク
[2011.12.31] KIKUOWORLD
[2012.08.11] きくおミク2
[2012.12.31] KIKUOWORLD2
[2013.08.12] きくおミク3
[2013.12.31] KIKUOWORLD3
[2013.12.31] いきものの魂のゆくえ
[2014.08.17] 略してきくおミク0
[2014.12.30] きくおミク4

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  1. I was personally blown away by the KIKUOWORLD series, his use of vocals is really interesting.

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