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Overview: I probably don’t need to describe her music since she’s one of the most popular pop-rock singers in Japan. Her activity is on hiatus at the moment.

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[2006.02.22] FROM ME TO YOU
[2007.04.04] CAN’T BUY MY LOVE
[2008.04.09] I LOVED YESTERDAY
[2008.11.12] MY SHORT STORIES
[2010.07.14] HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN
[2011.11.02] HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE
[2012.10.24] SHE LOVES YOU
[2012.12.05] GREEN GARDEN POP
[2012.12.05] ORANGE GARDEN POP


[2004.12.24] It’s happy line
[2005.02.03] feel my soul
[2005.06.22] Tomorrow’s way
[2005.11.09] LIFE
[2006.01.18] TOKYO
[2006.06.14] Good-bye days
[2006.09.20] I remember you
[2007.01.17] Rolling star
[2007.03.07] CHE.R.RY
[2007.06.13] My Generation/Understand
[2007.09.26] LOVE & TRUTH
[2008.02.27] Namidairo
[2008.07.02] SUMMER SONG
[2009.06.03] again
[2009.10.07] It’s all too much/Never say die
[2010.01.20] GLORIA
[2010.06.02] to Mother
[2010.11.24] Rain
[2011.01.26] It’s My Life/Your Heaven
[2011.06.01] HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~
[2011.10.15] Green a.live
[2012.09.05] fight

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  1. >Oh I find this torrent slow,Don't stop seed please.

  2. >Can you please reseed the lossless torrent? Thanks!

  3. Hum… HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE is her latest ALBUM…

  4. I reseed in all of torrent :)

  5. Any chance of getting a reseed for the lossless rip of “HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE” ?

  6. Are you guys releasing the latest single, “fight”?

  7. Please rest in seed :(…

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