Oct 252015

Current version: 8.0 (974 lossless and 980 lossy albums**)

Upgradable: yes, from 5.0+*.

Overview: Hard electronic music. Happy hardcore, makina, rave, gabber, speedcore and the like. The compilation doesn’t include any toho or vocaloid, or kancolle albums.

Download links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)


You can buy your beloved hardcore music on j-core.biz, Attack the Music shop or Diverse Direct

Changes: new albums, some old rips has been replaced with better ones.

A comprehensive list of things that has been added in the 8.0 version

You can find old albums that were excluded from the compilation here.

*7.0→8.0 upgrade
*6.0→8.0 upgrade
*5.0→8.0 upgrade

**lossy release contains additional 6 albums in vorbis:

  • NKS International – Doll Attack Ep [NKS prod 117]
  • SKETCH UP! Recordings – SKETCHING! EP3 (SKETCHING! Vol.9)



Compilation size-serial number relation

jc8-size jc8-sizeicr
Amount of lossless rips- time relation.

jc8-comiket jc8-m3



  123 Responses to “J-CORE Compilation”

  1. Love your blogg, thank you so much!

  2. Hi! I can’t find “purotorecords IIDX #1” here. Can you find it, please? I need especially track Epsilon-Sakuralys — Mysterious Mind.

  3. Im still amazed by this collection (also about the Alices Emotion collection, didnt have some of the albums myself), have missed so many tunes from this category. Special thanks for madgood quality of Betwixt & Between tunes, also about the Nightforce & Substanced – Operation Stardust. One of my favourite freeform tracks. Keep them coming! Im after for more japan freeform!

  4. Yo, sup. Amazing collection. I can’t thank you enough for this.

    By the way LC2216 beatnation RHYZE vs HARDCORE*TANOC is missing track 06. Lisa-RICCIA (DJ Genki Remix) , and I’m on the FLAC collection.

  5. I went to Japan last week, and I bought some CDs. I’ve found that 4 of them aren’t in this collection (I haven’t checked if there are a lossless rip somewhere in the internet though)

    They are:
    Blasterhead – Killbots -e.p.(E) [BHCD04]
    Amazing Records – Daybreak Horizon [AMAZ-0010]
    void – Remind a Locus [VSDA-0005]
    Massive CircleZ – Massive Circlez 5 [MNFK015]

    I’ll rip them and put the links here when I have time

  6. Does this compilation include UK Hardcore artists such as Darren Styles, Dougal and Gammer, Alex Prospect, etc, and if not, does anyone know where their songs can be downloaded? Also, does the lossless download include the 6 extra lossy downloads that the lossy download has?

    • basically this compilation doesn’t include their tracks. maybe a few.
      you can try what.cd
      and the lossless torrent doesn’t include these extra lossy albums.

      • Alright, thanks. Is the registration process as hard and complicated as it looks, or should I just try anyways and hope they accept me?

        • You should read the rules and try their IRC interview. It’s not hard at all

  7. Damnit, ETA for the lossy is 4 days, it sucks having to wait for so long ):

    Thanks a lot for sharing this though, much love from Spain.

  8. Just wondering, does this compilation get updated as events go by, for example, are CDs from M3 2016 spring on this, or are the only updates when it goes from 8.0 to 9.0? I’m on my new computer so I may wait until 9.0 before downloading this again. And will the next update probably contain most of the stuff from m3 spring 2016? I may buy some of the CDs either way tho.

    • Every new update includes as much albums as possible. 9.0 update (not sure when I will able to release it tho) will include every released albums by the moment, available in digital format.

      • So does that include the albums from m3 spring 2016, for example, HOOTER from Redalice, or Five-star luster from Horutuna? Or do you mean only new JCORE albums that got released digitally (no CDs)? If that is what you mean, I’m willing to contribute some CDs from that, as I plan on buying some soon

  9. Many thanks and happy greets for this marvelous collection from Mid Europe1

  10. Hey guys, how about Round Wave Crusher Brainwash – Second Session?

  11. Hey, i remember there was Linear’s LIFTY ACCELERATOR [LNCD-0004] in this pack some years ago, but it’s not in there anymore. Did it get removed or what?

  12. Add the latest Illegal wave Records album for the next update.


    FLAC: https://mega.nz/#!H8UQHCID!LSLPAS_J9jhTSeZCftzCSVdN397uGrbWBtBcx-IMrrQ

    Vorbis: https://mega.nz/#!i8EkFCYa!cwGhy98_FfxBlkUJfWEuErzHorjFyIBbJy08Hhb9iOY

  13. When is 9.0 coming out

  14. Is the anisource tracker down currently?

  15. Can we get EXIT TRANCE PRESENTS ウマウマできるトランスを作ってみた, all the albums?

  16. hi.
    thank for your blog and this amazing J-core compilation. anyway i can’t find PMMTW-002 COLORFUL WORLD
    can you find it for me please? i love this album so much. thank you.

  17. waiting for the next version!

  18. Thank you for this. I found a lot i wanted. Just have no words to thank you. Just oohh, it’s awesome. THANK YOU.

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