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Overview: K.U.R.O. is a goa-, psy-trance/psytech alias of Takeichirou Kurosaki. He has debuted in 1994 with one of the most famous GOA anthems of the time – Zoa. K.U.R.O. is widely recognised on the psy scene and has released many of his tracks on major labels.
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[1994] Japan EP
[1996.07.19] Revolution
[1998] Vision Of Mars
[2004.06] Satisfaction
[2008.02.05] Modulation
[2010.12.03] Zombie Family
[2012.06.12] Conception
[2014.07.24] Biomass


K.U.R.O. – Into Space
K.U.R.O. – The Revolution
K.U.R.O. – Matrox
K.U.R.O. – atomic fission
K.U.R.O. – Mind Gardens
K.U.R.O. – Precision
K.U.R.O. – Ion Park
K.U.R.O. – K.T.T.
K.U.R.O. – Manley
K.U.R.O. – FreeXone
K.U.R.O. – Ghost
K.U.R.O. – Waterproof
K.U.R.O. – Shadows

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