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Current version: 4.0.
Upgradable: yes, from 3.0.
Overview: ALiCE’s EMOTiON is one of the most recognizable doujin circles created by REDALiCE. Music varies from trance, happy/UK hardcore to speedcore. First albums contain many arranges on popular series like MOTHER, Final Fantasy, Key, Mai-hime, Higurashi no naku koro ni and more. In 2008 ALiCE’s EMOTiON changed its activity to toho arranges. Artists: REDALiCE, t+pazolite, Thanatos, Alabaster, Betwixt & Between, minamotoya, Noriken, DJ Genki and many more. Vocalists: Ayumi Nomiya, rizna, Nachi Sakaue, motoko, 3L, Aki Misawa et al.
Saisen Turn is a joint project with Alstromeria Records.

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Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)


Changes: New albums, better rips for some old albums, fpl playlists has been replaced with m3u8 ones.
Notes: please delete fpl files if you upgrade from 3.0.


[2005.12.31] OTONOISHI (C69)
[2006.08.13] OTONOISHI 2 (C70)
[2006.10.09] SUGURASHI (M3-18)
[2006.12.31] ATOMIC RAY (C71)
[2007.04.29] RHYTHMIX (M3-19)
[2007.04.29] 歌-HiME (M3-19)
[2007.08.17] HeartFull Beat! (C72)
[2007.08.17] 紅ノ樹海 -forest of crimson- (C72)
[2007.12.31] Angel Rings (C73)
[2007.12.31] Power Raise (C73)
[2008.05.25] FANATIC HARDCORE RED LABEL (例大祭5)
[2008.08.16] SCARLET EYES (C74)
[2008.10.13] 紅ノ樹海II -forest of crimson 2- (M3-22)
[2008.11.02] Crevice (東方紅楼夢4)
[2008.12.29] Trois Rouge (C75)
[2009.03.08] Chaos Flare (例大祭6)
[2009.08.15] COLORS (C76)
[2009.10.11] Lycoris (東方紅楼夢5)
[2009.12.30] Sphere Caliber (C77)
[2010.03.14] Intervention (例大祭7)
[2010.03.14] TAILWINDS (例大祭7)
[2010.08.14] RED (C78)
[2010.12.30] Third Ensemble: Rouge (C79)
[2011.03.13] Overture|KANA (例大祭8)
[2011.03.13] Overture|SUWA (例大祭8)
[2011.08.13] RADIATA (C80)
[2011.10.16] Deeper Underground (東方紅楼夢7)
[2011.12.30] Ghost Region (C81)
[2012.05.27] FORLANE|REI (例大祭9)
[2012.05.27] FORLANE|SANA (例大祭9)
[2012.05.27] 第九回博麗神社例大祭 ALiCE’S EMOTiON おまけCD (例大祭9)
[2012.08.11] Crimson Tempest (C82)
[2012.12.30] Evolution RED (C83)
[2012.12.30] Over Drive (C83)
[2013.05.26] Heart of Eternity (例大祭10)
[2013.08.12] Spirit World (C84)
[2013.12.30] STILL LOVE (C85)
[2014.05.11] Dark Flight Dreamer. EP (例大祭11)
[2014.12.30] REDSHIFT (C87)
[2015.05.10] Precious Ray (例大祭12)
[2015.08.16] EMPEROR (C88)


[2010.10.31] SAISEN TURN (M3-26)
[2011.05.01] SAISEN RETURN (M3-27)
[2011.10.30] 阿蘇山 (M3-28)
[2012.10.28] トップマン (M3-30)
[2013.04.29] さいせんたーん M3 限定=CD!! (M3-31)
[2013.10.27] 最先端坊将軍3 (M3-32)

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