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Overview: Sevensenses Recordings was a trance/house label established in 2004 by DJ Matsunaga and run together with Kenji Sekiguchi. Due to some obstacles in management, it was closed in 2009, and Otographic Music became a successor of the label. Main composers: The Originators, Favor, Hiroyuki Oda, Nhato, Shingo Nakamura, Kyohei Akagawa.

Some releases can be bought in digital format from beatport.

Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)




[SSCDS2] Trance For DJ Vol.1
[SSCDS8] Best Of Sevensenses 2007
[SSEP001] The Originators – Lost Emotion / Stardance
[SSRDG1] Kyohei Akagawa EP
[SSRDG2] Favor – Spring Haze
[SSRDG3] Favor – July
[SSRDG4] Nhato – Fuhaku / Raihaku
[SSRDG5] Shingo NAKAMURA – Blue Light / Memory Of The Sea
[SSRDG6] June-Voice – Virginia
[SSRDG7] Dizzy Days Remixes

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