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Overview: Four-member Japanese band, formed in 1996. The band’s unique style is formed from many genres such as gothic, symphonic metal, rock, techno, trance and other elements from electronic music, this crazy mixture creates amazing atmosphere that can blow your mind. The band started gaining its popularity in 2005-06 after releasing anime and games songs, as well as composing BGM. Main members are: Yui, band’s leader, vocalist and lyricist & Takaha Tachibana, composer and arranger.
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Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)


Changes:  New release system (separated flacs & advanced tags), many rips were replaced with better ones, some scans added.



[2005.07.21] 舞-HiME 運命の系統樹 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK – last moment
[2005.09.02] Stigma
[2007.11.07] metanoia
[2008.08.29] 終の詩集 ~ツイノウタシュウ~
[2009.01.14] 彩の無い世界
[2009.08.26] Gothic Lolita Doctrine
[2010.12.22] gothic lolita agitator
[2013.01.23] 神パラ楽典 ~神様と運命革命のパラドクスボーカルアルバム~
[2013.03.27] PAX VESANIA

[2006.03.08] あしたを許して
[2006.04.26] 鮮血の誓い
[2006.07.26] Noble Roar
[2006.10.04] Valkyrja
[2007.02.07] 至純の残酷
[2008.07.09] Schwarzer Sarg
[2008.08.06] Hades:The bloody rage
[2008.09.10] Weiβ Flügel
[2009.05.27] 月光の契り
[2009.12.23] one
[2010.04.21] Baptize
[2010.08.25] rebellion anthem
[2011.07.27] Mischievous of Alice
[2011.10.26] 空想メソロギヰ
[2012.02.08] filament
[2014.03.07] 使徒覚醒

Old works:

[1997] 桃の羽
[1998] 桃の森

Single tracks

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  1. Where’s [2014.08.06] 妖精帝國 – 救世Άργυρóϛ?

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