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Overview:  Akiko Shikata is an avant-garde folk artist. She has a very personal music style, basically a mix of ethnic folk and neoclassical darkwave, in which she likes to use her multi-faceted soprano voice as an instrument, among other oddities. Known for her eclecticism that can be confusing at times, she has covered many styles that go from experimental rock to jazz, symphonic metal, ambient, progressive pop, industrial and classical music, as well as many subgenres of folk, just to name a few. However, most of her songs have in common an ethnic vibe, a non-linear, progressive structure with stylistic, tone and rhythm changes, quirky dissociated choirs and/or layered vocals at some point or another, simultaneous use of low and high vocals, and a lot of them could be labeled as neoclassical ©last.fm. She’s well-known for her Hymmnos chorus songs that made wide appearance on GUST games (Ar Tonelico, Ciel nosurge) together with Shimotsuki Haruka. She’s also owning doujin circle called VAGRANCY that has a long history starting from 2001. Akiko Shikata releases her orgel music on the circle, but not only.
Akiko Shikata’s Official site, VAGRANCY official site.


Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)



Notes: Spectral analysis proved that くれなゐ, VIRIDIAN and Wisteria “flac” rips I found on the net were simple recodes, I replaced them with original mp3 ones.



  • Albums
[2005.07.20] Navigatoria
[2006.10.25] RAKA
[2009.03.18] Harmonia
[2013.10.23] Turaida

  • Mini Albums
[2008.08.29] うみねこのなく頃に
[2010.09.29] 謳う丘 ~Ar=Ciel Ar=Dor~
[2010.10.16] Pantalea Concert Extra CD
[2011.07.08] 白夢の繭 ~Ricordando il passato~
[2012.07.27] ライラニア
[2013.03.24] LAYLANIA Another Storys [moon*birds]
  • OST
[2005.08.24] SHADOW HEARTS FROM THE NEW WORLD Original Soundtracks
[2007.03.30] 花帰葬交響曲

  • Singles
[2009.08.19] 片翼の鳥
[2010.04.28] 祈りの彼方
[2011.04.28] 空蝉

  • Tracks
[2005.08.24] 井元ともこ — The Wheel Of Fortune – Fortuna.flac
[2005.08.24] 弘田佳孝 — The 3Karma – Cogito, ergo sum.flac
[2009.03.21] 志方あきこ — Turii ~Panta rhei~.flac
[2011.03.21] 志方あきこ — Raison d’être 交差する宿命.flac


[2001.11.28] 緑の森で眠ル鳥
[2002.03.17] Petit Fours
[2003.03.30] horizon blue
[2003.05.04] くれなゐ
[2003.08.24] 廃墟と楽園
[2004.01.11] VIRIDIAN
[2004.12.28] 花帰葬 SOUNDTRACKS ~director’s cut~
[2004.12.30] 花帰葬 SOUND TRACKS
[2005.08.05] Navigatoria ~航海を導く星~ Extra CD
[2005.12.30] Wisteria
[2006.08.13] 花帰葬 PS2+PD SOUND TRACKS
[2007.01.07] Kalliope ~Piano Concert~
[2007.12.31] Istoria ~Musa~
[2008.08.17] Kara*Cola ~Hymmnos Orgel Collection~
[2009.08.15] Istoria ~Kalliope~ オルゴールVer
[2009.12.30] Fluff ~Orgel Arrange Mini Album~
[2010.08.14] 虹色クレヨン ~Orgel Arrange Mini Album~
[2011.08.13] lirica ~Orgel Arrange Mini Album~
[2011.12.31] Istoria ~Kalliope~
[2012.03.18] Istoria ~Kalliope~ Orgel Collection
[2013.08.12] 歯車館のエルデ

  7 Responses to “志方あきこ — Akiko Shikata”

  1. “Spectral analysis proved” …they prove nothing. You’re better off checking against CTDB/AccurateRip because some contemporary works have a limited frequency spectrum anyway, triggering audiochecker&co. to think it’s a recode.

    • I don’t use audiochecker and it’s not my rip. You can get that it was recoded by looking at the spectrum on a small scale. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13161730/screens/recodes.png

      • They’re not necessarily recodes even if the upper frequencies are missing. For example, Journey OST has them missing on the original CD.

        CUETools allows you to check a rip even if you didn’t rip it yourself, btw.
        Anyway, thanks for the upload.

        • Tracks (parts of tracks) with little amount of sounds (often in soundtracks) used to have restricted spectral values. Most likely in some cases even true lossless rips won’t differ from the mp3 ones.
          Regarding Audiochecker, it is a good tool but often fallible (e.g. it considers lots of lossless ost-tracks as mpeg, or even some mp3s encoded to flac can be considered as lossless by it).

          • Well guys, I know what you want to say, but these rips are from untrusted source, without logs and any kind of proof. And I simply cannot upload flac rips that have no spectral differences from mp3 ones.

  2. Thank you very much.

  3. Thank you for sharing :D

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