May 052014

Date: 2014.05.11
Spreadsheet preview (courtesy of DoujinMusicNews)

Lossy ddl



Alstroemeria Records — CLOUD 9 (東方) [ARCD0043]

狐の工作室 — 東方幻想界 -地霊殿の音- (東方) [KNTH-0015]

ALiCE’S EMOTiON — Dark Flight Dreamer. EP (東方) [AECD-040]

Alstroemeria Records — THIS ISN/T BEST (東方) [ARCD0044]

ShibayanRecords — TOHO BOSSA NOVA 3 (東方) [STAL-1401]

IZMIZM — While the Shooting Star Ends EP (東方)

ESQUARIA — extreme (東方) [EQ-0003]

DDBY — 秘封旅行記 (東方)

  3 Responses to “例大祭11 – Reitaisai 11”

  1. Shibayan where?

  2. wow… there are missing so many ~.~

    But sometimes it isnt easy to get on sources :D

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