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Overview: CYTOKINE circle has been founded by illustrator Unagi Kabayaki, and later his brother Linjin has also joined it. Linjin is making electronic music, focusing on electro house, trance and the like.

The circle released more than 45 albums since it was formed in 2006. 81th comiket (2011) has became the first event when Linjin released his “solo” work under the name of ZYTOKINE. Linjin had been using vocaloid vocals until aki joined the circle in 2009. Now she’s one of the main vocalists of ZYTOKINE together with Nana Takahashi (Linjin+Nana Takahashi=cold kiss), itori, Mei Ayakura and 3L. You can find some similarities with Alstroemeria Records.

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Changes: new albums
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  • Main
[2006.05.21] THE OUTSIDE Trial Version
[2006.12.31] Third-Rater
[2007.03.21] PRISMA
[2007.05.20] Virtual x Real
[2007.08.17] Cubical another perspective has violated systematically
[2007.11.04] 虹蛇
[2007.12.31] hatch the new Flow
[2008.04.20] ⑨ -maruQ-
[2008.05.25] FLASHBACK to…
[2008.08.16] ±
[2008.11.02] REINE OKTAVE
[2008.12.29] hatch the new Fl∞w
[2009.03.08] a+jugos
[2009.08.15] bifurcation
[2009.10.11] CLOSED SYSTEM
[2009.12.30] 492357816
[2010.03.14] The TOWER
[2010.08.14] voice blinded color
[2010.12.30] Dead man’s hand
[2011.03.13] 1⑨ ?イチマルキュウ?
[2011.08.13] BACKFLASH Audibility
[2011.08.13] C80会場限定おまけCD
[2011.10.16] We Are 21st Century lovers
[2011.12.30] POP ICON
[2012.04.30] 7 LIGHTS
[2012.05.27] ZEphyr
[2012.08.11] gold*
[2012.08.11] silver†
[2012.08.12] THE LEAP // NEXTRA
[2012.12.30] Double Key
[2013.05.26] Dancing Dollz
[2013.08.12] THE LEAP // SHOWDOWN
[2013.10.13] PIANO SKETCHES E.P
[2013.12.30] I, SCREAM
[2013.12.30] XXX
[2014.05.11] MOTHER NATURE
[2014.08.16] >>>>
[2014.10.12] DEATH
[2015.05.10] hundred hundred
[2015.11.01] We Are 21st Century lovers 2 E.P
[2015.12.30] OVERFLOW XXXX

  • Collaborations
[2010.08.14] MajLOVE × MinBABY
[2010.12.30] ぽっぷ! EP
[2011.05.08] Smile, Baby, Smile
[2011.10.30] ERROR

  • Single tracks
[2013.12.29] Linjin feat. aki — oPEN yOUR hEART.flac
[2014.12.30] Linjin feat. aki — uNDER yOUR sPELL.flac
[2014.12.30] Linjin feat. itori — GOLD – 2014 Refined Mix.flac
[2015.05.10] Linjin feat. aki — hEART oF tHE mAELSTROM.flac
[2015.08.14] Linjin feat. aki — casket.flac
[2015.08.14] Linjin feat. aki — iDEOLOGIC fEELING.flac
[2015.08.14] Linjin feat. itori — heavenly lights.flac
[2015.12.30] Linjin feat. aki — rOUND oF sEASONS.flac

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  1. Just spent weeks listening to their last few albums. Can’t wait to spend the rest of the weekend going through this. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for this, and the ogg torrent.

  3. isn’t the lossy link for the yuiko torrent?

  4. Thanks for the collection

  5. Thank you.

  6. Another of my new favorites, although I didn’t knew that they were full Vocaloid in their beginnings.

    Thanks for the batch!

  7. I am so happy to see Piano Sketches E.P. on there, I had almost given up on ever finding that one. Thank you.

  8. im trying to fin info about that singer “aki” but seems to be impossible, anyone knows something? like her name or any info i can use to find more of her music?

  9. This is awful.

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