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Overview: Primary is a rock/pop doujin circle led by singer and song writer yuiko. Most of the songs are composed by Meis Clauson, who is a master of acoustic and electric guitar. Apart from the Primary activity, yuiko sings lots of eroge songs and participate in collaborations with other circles.

Official Site

Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)






[2007.04.29] POPJACK
[2008.05.25] 蓬莱姫譚
[2009.02.27] CHOCOHOLIC
[2009.09.18] Gratitude ~KAGUYA × yuiko ヴォーカルコレクション~
[2009.12.31] DECEMBER
[2011.05.01] 惑星航路

[2005.11.13] solitary flower
[2007.04.29] Rotate
[2007.05.18] ないしょのおとばこ。
[2007.12.31] ぽぷり
[2008.05.11] estrangement
[2008.12.29] CUBE
[2009.10.11] 空想マリオネット
[2010.05.05] indications
[2010.08.14] 月
[2010.10.31] each
[2010.12.31] seven’th color
[2011.08.13] 心音/butterfly
[2011.12.31] sweet’s holiday
[2012.04.30] FLAG
[2012.08.11] -1
[2012.12.31] SIN
[2013.08.12] イナイセカイ/Aster tataricus

Web Singles

[2006] ユメノシズク
[2008] wish
[2011] 率直ちょこれいと

Single Tracks

  13 Responses to “Primary — yuiko”

  1. Big, big thanks for uploading this.

  2. i love this!
    thanks very much!!!!

  3. Is there mp3 somewhere?

  4. Can you seed this, I’m kinda liking the samples

  5. Any seeds would be appreciated, ty ^^

  6. Awesome, thanks! Do you think you might eventually add her yuikonnu stuff too?

  7. Thanks for sharing.But I’ve been looking for in lossless format but just can’t find it.

  8. are you gonna update this again ?
    i even cant download that files on nyaa.si

    • it’s seeded, there are few seeds including me I think.

      For the new version – no plans yet

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