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Overview: Primary is a rock/pop doujin circle led by singer and song writer yuiko. Most of the songs are composed by Meis Clauson, who is a master of acoustic and electric guitar. Apart from the Primary activity, yuiko sings lots of eroge songs and participate in collaborations with other circles.

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Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)






[2007.04.29] POPJACK
[2008.05.25] 蓬莱姫譚
[2009.02.27] CHOCOHOLIC
[2009.09.18] Gratitude ~KAGUYA × yuiko ヴォーカルコレクション~
[2009.12.31] DECEMBER
[2011.05.01] 惑星航路

[2005.11.13] solitary flower
[2007.04.29] Rotate
[2007.05.18] ないしょのおとばこ。
[2007.12.31] ぽぷり
[2008.05.11] estrangement
[2008.12.29] CUBE
[2009.10.11] 空想マリオネット
[2010.05.05] indications
[2010.08.14] 月
[2010.10.31] each
[2010.12.31] seven’th color
[2011.08.13] 心音/butterfly
[2011.12.31] sweet’s holiday
[2012.04.30] FLAG
[2012.08.11] -1
[2012.12.31] SIN
[2013.08.12] イナイセカイ/Aster tataricus

Web Singles

[2006] ユメノシズク
[2008] wish
[2011] 率直ちょこれいと

Single Tracks

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  1. Big, big thanks for uploading this.

  2. i love this!
    thanks very much!!!!

  3. Is there mp3 somewhere?

  4. Can you seed this, I’m kinda liking the samples

  5. Any seeds would be appreciated, ty ^^

  6. Awesome, thanks! Do you think you might eventually add her yuikonnu stuff too?

  7. Thanks for sharing.But I’ve been looking for in lossless format but just can’t find it.

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