May 032017

Here is my archive of soundcloud freebies since 2011 or even 2010. It already consists of more than 900 tracks, primarily electronic music (from mild house to harsh hardcore) from japanese artists.

Version: 4.0


Quality: mainly mp3, flac (when lossless was available).

Size: 14.7 GB, 1197 tracks

Download: MEGA

Why would someone do this, you ask? There are few reasons. Firstly, after a certain amount of downloads, SC deletes files from its servers, so you can’t download many (most?) of them by now. Secondly, artists don’t care about tags, but I do: all tracks were tagged at least to meet scrobbling purposes. Thirdly, it’s good thing to have all things in one place.

This archive will never be even half completed. Why? 1) Because I download only things I like, 2) because I’m discovering new talents all the time and, obviously, miss a lot of their old works, 3) other reasons.

And I did my best (actually not really, and it would be cool if you can specify me these) to delete all tracks that were released on albums.

  17 Responses to “Soundcloud archive”

  1. Awesome compilation, thanks for the upload. This is the first time I’m listening to anything by Asterisk, but all his remixes seem phenomenal.

    Somewhat surprised to not see anything by Nanashi – I thought he had a few free tracks on Soundcloud, but maybe not.

  2. 3dNOW – Scanty and Kneesocks with WobbleBass is on

  3. Holy shit, huge thanks :)

  4. Thanks for posting. Fucking awesome collection.

  5. Thanks immensely for Hardcore Noriken Fire. :)

  6. the best archive, thank you. I was looking for oryo by Shoujo for a while already

  7. Awesome! Thank you for your hard work

  8. The track “Discipline” is not by nnn but by poritoka.

    • it was uploaded many years ago by nnn. Basically, poritoka is the new aliase of nnn.

  9. Will this ever be updated again by chance?

  10. Any chance for a torrent/bot release? Not touching the Mega extension. :s

  11. is it possible that you could give a list of new songs you added to the archive just like you did with J-Core 8.0

  12. Thanks for all of your work, I love the celtic-japanese music

  13. you are really an angel thx a lot

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