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Current version: 1.0.

Upgradable: -.

Overview: SWING HOLIC is a sub-project of SOUND HOLIC circle. As their name suggest, their focus is on swing, jazz, blues etc touhou arranges. Main female vocals: A~YA, SYO.

Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)


Changes: -.


[2008.04.20] SWING HOLIC VOL.01
[2008.10.13] SWING HOLIC VOL.02
[2008.12.29] SWING HOLIC VOL.03
[2009.06.21] SWING HOLIC VOL.04
[2010.03.14] SWING HOLIC VOL.05
[2010.12.30] SWING HOLIC VOL.06
[2011.08.13] SWING HOLIC VOL.07
[2011.12.30] SWING HOLIC VOL.08
[2012.05.27] SWING HOLIC VOL.09
[2012.12.30] SWING HOLIC VOL.10
[2013.05.26] 東方ぴあのとりお
[2013.08.12] SWING HOLIC VOL.11

[2013.12.30] SWING HOLIC VOL.12

  11 Responses to “SWING HOLIC”

  1. Ah, the only kind of jazz that I actually don’t find boring.

    In particular, A~YA’s vocals are my favorites (it also kinda helps that she only sings in English).

    Thanks for the release, I’ll fill the gaps on my collection.

  2. Can I request you some lossless doujin musics?

  3. Wow, this is some good jazz, thanks for the upload, you guys are awesome.

  4. Needs more seeders for lossless torrent. It’s like dead.

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