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Current version: 3.0.
Upgradable: yes.

Overview: Otographic Music is a Japanese EDM label run by Kenji Sekiguchi. It was started in 2009 and has a focus on high-quality progressive house and trance music. The label is probably the most major trance/house label in Japan and is also known outside of Japan. Artists: Nhato, aran, Hiroyuki ODA, KaNa, Kazusa, KIWAMU, Kyohei Akagawa, Masanori Yasuda, OCOT, Ryunosuke Kudo, Shingo Nakamura, Tin5ha.

official site, Otographic releases can be bought in digital format from beatport, Amazon etc.

Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)


Changes: new releases


[OTO-001] Nhato – Tokyo Blue Pipe
[OTO-002] Kyohei Akagawa – Aurobind/Kindheit
[OTO-003] KIWAMU – Elegance/Birth
[OTO-004] KaNa – Flower Of Snow
[OTO-005] Kyohei Akagawa – Airo/Parker
[OTO-006] Hiroyuki ODA – Thirty Remixes
[OTO-007] Hiroyuki ODA – Ignite/Implusion
[OTO-008] KIWAMU – Rest
[OTO-009] Tin5ha – Clear Blue Sky
[OTO-010] Nhato – Far East Garden
[OTO-011] Hiroyuki ODA – Transmigration
[OTO-012] KaNa – Uluru
[OTO-013] Trio EP
[OTO-014] Tin5ha – Remember the Sunset/NE.JI.MA.KI
[OTO-015] Masanori Yasuda – What A Wonderful Summer
[OTO-016] Hiroyuki ODA – Revive EP
[OTO-017] Shingo Nakamura – Behind The Sunset/Scroll
[OTO-018] Nhato – Tokyo Blue Pipe (Remixes)
[OTO-019] Nhato – Etude Remixed EP
[OTO-020] Masanori Yasuda – Kalos Eidos (Remixes)
[OTO-021] KIWAMU – Galaxy Kiss
[OTO-022] Kyohei Akagawa – As No World Idealized
[OTO-023] Nhato – Another Morning (KaNa Remix)
[OTO-024] Nhato – Eureka/Past And Then
[OTO-025] OCOT – Exit To Heaven
[OTO-026] Kyohei Akagawa – Abendrot/Anbruch
[OTO-027] Masanori Yasuda – Ajisai
[OTO-028] aran – Golden Yellow
[OTO-029] Hiroyuki ODA – Meridian/Parallel
[OTO-030] Shingo Nakamura – Days (Remixed)
[OTO-031] Hiroyuki ODA – Ascension
[OTO-032] Kenji Sekiguchi – Into The Dawn
[OTO-033] Nhato – Kaede
[OTO-034] Taishi – Boundary Layer
[OTO-035] KIWAMU – Life Style
[OTO-036] Kyohei Akagawa – Kaikisen
[OTO-037] Kenji Sekiguchi – Fading Dusk
[OTO-038] Shingo Nakamura – Mauve/Rubans
[OTO-039] Nhato – Ibuki
[OTO-040] Taishi – Chronicle/Glint In The Dark
[OTOC-001] Hiroyuki ODA – Thirty
[OTOC-003] Nhato – Etude
[OTOC-004] Shingo Nakamura – Days
Christmas 2013
01. KaNa – Uluru (Musicbox Version)

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  2. This is awesome <3! Thanks for uploading these.

  3. Thx for this collection

  4. I’m having an eargasm right now…

  5. Omg, Thank you <3

  6. Where is OTOC-005?

  7. Lossy Torrent is dead :/

    • Not a single batch torrent is actually died, since I’m seeding them from time to time, you just need to wait a bit or contact me like you did.
      Seeding it right now.

      • Could you, please, seed it again? There are 2 peers waiting for it.
        Thanks in advance.

  8. Any plans in unforeseeable future for Hiroyuki ODA Vocaloid work? (Retro Ossan Disco, WORKS 11-14, Unfragment remixes etc.)

  9. OMG an update <3

  10. After some research, it seems nyaa.se went down, so your links no longer go anywhere :(

    • nyaa.se has been mirrored to multiple sites, one being nyaa.si. So you can grab it here.
      The only problem is the lack of seeders on the new tracker, but that should be solved over time as people replace the old tracker, and DHT should be good enough to get peers anyways. Heck, TLMC works 100% off of DHT afaik.

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