Dec 192013

Date: 2013.12.29~31
Spreadsheet preview (courtesy of DoujinMusicNews)

Lossy ddl



Alstroemeria Records — DECADE OF EXPOSE (東方) [ARCD0042]

帝國交響楽団 — 陽はまた昇る (艦これ) [EMPE0002]

Eru & ECE-SMZ — L&S’s (世界樹)

俺++(Includeore) — 宴 -BANQUET- Vol.3/Juliana’s TOHO Special (東方) [ORECD-10]

Levo Lution — Photon [Lvlt-0015]



CROW’SCLAW — Sepia Recollections [PAEG-0019]

SoundOnline — HORIZON OF DAYBREAK (艦これ) [IBCD-0022]

ECE-SMZ — R. (ランス)

Foreground Eclipse — Stories That Last Through The Sleepless Nights (東方) [FGE-0005]

はちみつれもん — 艦隊ティータイム (艦これ) [KNCL-0002]

白いしましまうさぎ — 艦娘忘勿歌 (艦これ) [SSU-0004]

羽っ鳥もさく共和国 — 艦響 (艦これ)

ばんだいく — 暁ニ響ク電子ノ雷 (艦これ) [VDK-001]


ESQUARIA — reproduction (東方) [EQ-0002]

狐の工作室 — FlagshipS (艦これ) [KNKS-0009]

Amateras Records — Amateras Records Exclusive Disc 2013 Winter (東方) [AMRS-0011]

Amateras Records — Infinity Asterisk (東方) [AMRC-0017]

Amateras Records — Radical Destruction the Instrumental (東方) [AMRC-0016]

A-One — THE BEST OF NON STOP TOHO EUROBEAT 2012-2013 (東方) [AONE-0020]

C.H.S (t+pazolite) — 絢爛喧騒オリエント [CHS-0015]

Casket × 荒御霊 — No Crap on Tap! (東方) [ACCP0002]

DDBY — Cafe de Touhou 5 (東方)


DiGiTAL WING+Halozy — デジハロPRIDE (東方) [DWCD-0011]

Diverse System — AD:TRANCE 3.5 [DVSP-0106]

Diverse System — AD:TRANCE REMIXES [DVSP-0104]

Diverse System (Maozon) — Hello and Again LP [DVSP-0105]

EastNewSound — Rewind Amnesia the Instrumental (東方) [ENS-0029]

EastNewSound — Spectral Rejection (東方) [ENS-0028]Scans

FELT — Grow Color (東方) [FELT-012]

fromadistance — 生年不滿百 (東方) [FROM-0004]

Halozy — TOHO R&B HOUSE Party Vol.2 (東方) [HLZY-0018]

Sharp Eight & Eve Hates Me — Desire S-T (東方)

surreacheese — Comte

ZYTOKINE — I, SCREAM (東方) [CK-0031P]

ZYTOKINE — XXX (東方) [CK-0030P]

ボストン東方樂団 — Scarlet Daydreams (東方)

幽閉サテライト — 夜桜に君を隠して (東方) [YHST-0029]Scans

東京アクティブNEETs — 東方爆音ジャズ5 (東方)

Kikuo Sound Works — KIKUOWORLD3 [ksw-0007]

pastyle — Break the Moratorium [PLOD0001]

Diverse System — AD:TRANCE 3 [DVSP-0100~2]

狐の工作室 — 霧雨魔法洋菓子店 (東方) [KNTH-0014]

T.Piacere — con spirito (東方) [T.P-0005]

Sharp Eight vs Eve Hates Me — Final Landfill Site

Rolling Contact — TOUHOU meets HARDCORE 2 (東方) [LOLI-0039]

Rolling Contact — Progressive Starbow 3 (東方) [LOLI-0038]

IZMIZM — Codependent Rabbit (東方)

Eve Hates Me — Veni, Vidi, Mitakihara -Eve Hates ”M” Vol.1- [EHME-0002]

DDBY — くつろぎタイム2

AQUA STYLE — 蒼穹フォークロア -Firmament Folklore- (東方)

Madstiff Tracks (MAD CHILD) — Children’s Madness [MSTFCD-001]

トマト組 — Midnight (東方) (flac)

ジェリコの法則 — Frantic Acceleration (東方) (flac)

UrutoraElectronicCorporation — UrutoraElectronicCorporation SAMPLER Vol.1 (flac)

k-waves LAB — EORZEAN MINSTRELS’ STORY (FF) [KWL-0009] (flac+scans)

electro planet — FXXKIN’ AWESOME NONSTOP EPM!! -Mixed by Personative- (flac)

electro planet — EPM -electro planet music- [EPCD-0010] (flac+scans)

とらのあな — 東方幻奏響UROBOROS ~fANTASIAsPIRALoVERdRIVE~ (東方) (flac+BK)

AQUA STYLE — 天宮廻廊 (東方) (flac)


MADDEST CHICK’NDOM (AKIRADEATH) — State of confusion -混乱状態- [MDSTCD045]

Kikuo Sound Works — いきものの魂のゆくえ [ksw-0008]

  28 Responses to “C85”

  1. Thanks for the collected information, helps a lot!Merry Xmas!

  2. Kancolle, Kancolle everywhere!

    Can’t understand why the fad, but eh, if the usual suspects are doing arranges, hope that something nice turns out of all of this.

  3. Hey man… adds the information about the new Albums of Tribullets, and Stoic Sounds in your Spreadsheet please D:

  4. waiting for chs-0015 kenran kensou orient :D

  5. Thx a lot man!! still not Foreground Eclipse but thx a lot for uploading! :D

  6. Oh man oh man oh man there is so much stuff in this Comiket that I’m interested in trying, can’t wait for more to appear here and I hope there will be a lot more! Thanks for everything so far and everything to come :)

  7. i wanna hear the Eorzea one by K-wave labs. love that music

  8. no more updates?? ;p

  9. Please upload Touhou meet Hardcore 2 by Rolling Contact

  10. CHS-0015 絢爛喧騒オリエント (Kenran Kensou Orient)!h0oHjLIK!2hA9GdB8qlZzhO2YUIfgxYjbgXqdJ3CBqfROpbDL3WI

  11. Thanks comrade o/
    I’m waiting for Digital Wing and Halozy albums, but haven’t scans XD. These images are from toranoana, no?

    • Yep, kinda got boring waiting for another rips. Will update them if there will be such a chance

      • Now I hope for someone to do Rolling Contact (at the very least Touhou Meets Hardcore 2, and I’ll be done with C85.

        In the meanwhile, I liked the first albums of those DW/Halozy series (even more the new DigiHalo line, but from the last batch, TOHO RAVE PARTY 1 is my absolute favorite of the bunch). Let’s hope they keep the trend.

        Also wasn’t there a companion album for TOHO RAVE PARTY 2? IIRC the 1 came both in regular and non-stop versions.

        • EXTENDED version, right? Didn’t see someone rip it yet.

          • Yup, that’s the one. (this means that I was confused – I thought that the regular version was the full track version). Ah well, will keep waiting then…

      • I found the following albums scans:
        Spectral Rejection
        Grow Color << this one is LQ but it'ssomething.jpg
        …and others lossless+scans. Hakkin will post them in DS soon.

  12. bunch of new albums XD

  13. no chance of K-Waves Eorzean Minstrel’s at all? I have not seen it anywhere :(

  14. If it’s possible… can someone please upload [Eurobeat Union] ユーロバカ一代 VERSION 0.5 ??

  15. Can someone please Seed “Diverse System (Maozon) — Hello and Again LP [DVSP-0105]”?

  16. can anyone seed eqcd-0002 esquaria reproduction ,thanks a lot in advance, i will also seed, please, also thanks

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