Nov 022011

We are transferred from the blogger. It’s still in testing (debugging mod on).
Reason? We got a DMCA notification. Even though I deleted all concerned stuff, there’s always a possibility to lose the whole blog. You don’t want this to happen, right? Me either.

Anyway, if you are musician and don’t want to see your music here, contact us.

As far as I can see, we’ve lost only one thing: all comments on “Requests etc” (Feedback) page.

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  7 Responses to “New blog”

  1. 自從2008年開始接觸ACG,4U-Project一直是個穩定的高品質動畫提供者

  2. I’m sorry to say these but my friend is a member of CueB and he doesn’t agree with the thing you do is upload his CDs without permission! please remove it ! thank you!

    • I already deleted eveything I can. There’s also a torrent on the nyaatorrents, but it was uploaded anonymously → impossible to delete by my side.

  3. but have you deleted in your site yet? please do not do that the next time

  4. I see and thank you. I know it’s a crime to tell you like that… maybe I’m rude… I hope you’ll support our work and please sympathize for this action tonight. you know it’s hard to make a cd, take time and a lot of money…

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