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Overview: Chata is one of the most well-known female singers on doujin scene. She’s famous for her kind and cute voice, but not only. On the doujin scene, she is mainly associated with Usagikinoko (ウサギキノコ) and my sound life circles, but her circle’s participation list is almost endless. Main song composers: bassy, iyuna, bermei.inazawa, ぺーじゅん. Chata is also sung many eroge songs, as well as few songs for anime (CLANNAD, yotsunoha etc). This batch doesn’t include her songs on Barbarian On The Groove, Voltage of Imagination, EastNewSound circles. For hardcore fans here is a list of missed songs, according to tww.gozaru.jpclick.

Official website.

Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)

lossless DDL (MEGA) pass: uploadedbykiramekizora


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  • Discography:



[2007.03.21] murmur
[2008.04.23] 空の記憶
[2008.06.25] ちゃたのわ
[2008.11.26] Greole
[2009.04.29] 茶太 Works Best
[2010.05.19] なないろ
[2010.11.24] 茶太 Works Best Ⅱ




[2008.02.29] OVA「よつのは」 主題歌マキシシングル
[2008.08.02] 好きだよ Best Ⅱ



[2006.08.13] CLOVER SONGS
[2006.12.31] CLOVER ALBUM
[2007.04.29] ワスレナゴハン
[2007.08.17] 駿太/雪の轍
[2008.10.13] くろねこのサンバ
[2008.12.29] りんごレストラン
[2009.08.15] 52度の彼方/抱き抱える腕
[2010.05.05] みどり/百万の眠り

  • eryps
[2012.08.11] Favour
[2012.12.31] Life
[2013.08.12] Lust

  • gienah
[2008.12.29] 崩闇葬歌
[2010.10.31] 崩闇葬歌Ⅱ

  • GML
[2004.08.15] ムネノイタミ

[2009.08.15] 春
[2011.08.13] ひなた
[2012.08.11] Private Films
[2012.12.31] マージナルブレンド

  • kaede.org
[2008.12.29] Cocoon
[2009.08.15] 桜
[2010.08.14] ハツコイノウタ
[2010.12.31] 茶太のゆく年くる年
[2011.08.13] 深夜の怪談ラジオ
[2010.10.31] 夢の駆ける島

  • MusicPandora
[2010.10.31] 夢の駆ける島

  • my sound life
[2006.04.29] fractal
[2006.10.09] crystal
[2007.04.29] rainbow
[2007.10.08] fundamental
[2010.05.05] light
[2011.05.01] new way to the star
[2012.04.30] way and unknown
[2012.04.30] wordless garden
[2012.08.11] your sound vision
[2012.10.28] square vision
[2013.04.29] re:construction

  • Perfect Vanity
[2009.08.15] 睡眠都市

  • solfa
[2009.10.11] 虹色ポップス

[2011.12.30] lack of reason

  • souleave
[2005.08.14] living

  • うんちく商事
[2006.08.13] Aperio

  • さよなら20代製作委員会
[2009.12.31] 而立~さよなら20代~

  • ひよこまかろん
[2011.12.31] ハート

  • ウサギキノコ
[2003.08.16] + 誓い +
[2006.08.13] eclipse
[2007.08.17] たぶん青春
[2007.12.31] さびしんぼう。
[2008.12.29] eclipse 改
[2009.12.30] Kaleidoscope
[2010.08.14] 落日
[2012.12.31] セツナメモリア
[2013.08.12] 白昼夢

  • サイドプロテア
[2004.12.30] 未来のエネルギー

  • 感傷ベクトル + iemitsu
[2009.12.30] none


Game songs


[2000.08.12] 流れる雲を抱きしめて2マキシシングル
[2006.12.01] キミの声がきこえる 予約特典 SPECIAL DISC
[2007.06.29] 恋する乙女と守護の楯 ソフマップ特典
[2008.07.23] Soon/ラブ ライス
[2009.02.27] Like a Butler SPECIAL DISC
[2009.09.18] LOVE×EVOLUTION ソフマップ特典ディスク
[2010.05.27] スズノネセブン! ~Rebirth★knot~ スペシャルミュージックCD
[2010.11.26] 風ヶ原学園スパイ部っ! 主題歌マキシシングル
[2011.05.27] 愛しい対象の護り方 SPECIAL DISC




[2007.06.20] Bravery ~辿り着きたい君へ~
[2007.08.22] うたたね
[2007.10.26] メグメル/だんご大家族
[2008.05.03] 「水平線まで何マイル」イメージソング
[2008.08.15] とらじまのたてわき、しっぽうた


Single tracks

  7 Responses to “茶太 — Chata”

  1. Chata is great to be honest and I’ve been her fan for 2 years since I started listen to her songs especially EastNewSound and other circles as well. I’m also a fan of Tsubaki(most of her songs can be found in EastNewSound) and I would be delight if you add her discography and biography as well as her pictures too.

    Anyway, thx for this thing. I appreciate it very much and I’m looking forward for other release too

    p/s: about the Tsubaki’s thing, don’t get really bother with it. It’s only a mere suggestion from me beacause there’s a lot more artists songs I want to suggest to you such as Hotaru, Murasaki Hotaru, Cryu, F9, 3L and etc

  2. AAAAAAGH need more disk space… All these lossless batches :’D

  3. holy fucking shit, this is the best thing ever

    THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!11111111
    <3 Chata the best singer ever

  4. Thank you for uploading.
    But…i can’t open rar files i downloaded from Mega link you made.
    It says i need password. Could i get it?
    I will be really happy if ypu reply.

  5. Thank you!!

  6. Would anyone care to seed?

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