Oct 212013

It’s been a while since I posted something, right? So I came up with one small idea. Music batching requires a lot of concentration and time, and hence, some kind of stimulus to start the work is needed. Also, there’s an overwhelming amount of unsorted music on my HDD and comparable amount of requests.
I won’t write about how many hours takes the average batch and blah-blah-blah. Just a small thought: at the moment, money stimulus is the best stimulus for me, so you may throw some $ and it most likely will become a trigger.

This is an approximate “price list” I came up with:

small batch (1-3 gb of flac): 10$ (or comparable amount of BTC or LTC)
average batch (3-10 gb of flac): 20$
big batch (10+ gb): 30$.


Paypal/BTC/LTC buttons always can be found in the right part of the blog. Requestable circles and groups can be found on plans page (or among recent Audio-4U releases).


And please don’t interpret it in a negative way.

I want to accent that I won’t stop my free activity in any way.

Update: if you already donated but couldn’t request anything (“purpose” field on the paypal page was unavailable), you can contact me thru the mail you sent money on or however you want.

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  1. Is there an email address we can contact you at?

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